E-cloth Aqua Spray Deep Clean Mop

If there is one thing I like it is a clean house, I am known for always pottering around and tidying up, I could spend hours on end having a good deep clean. I have recently been using this E-cloth aqua spray deep clean mop, this mop removes grease, dirt and bacteria from all hard floors by using just water, making floor cleaning much easier than ever before.

This mop is quicker and easier to use as it has a built-in water spray system so there is no need for a bucket.



This mop is made from lightweight aluminium, the aqua spray deep clean mop offers a new generation of floor cleaning, the built-in water reservoir and spray system makes floor cleaning quicker and easier than before.


I have found this mop to be light weight, quick and easy to use, all you do is pull off the reservoir, fill with water push it back into place, you then squeeze the trigger handle to spray the floor in front of the mop base then mop, you then continue to do so until you have finished, it is as simple as spray then mop, the mop head attaches with Velcro and is very quick and easy to un-attach for easy rinse.


All you need when using this mop is just water so it reduces the need of chemicals, the floors what the mop is brilliant on are.

  • Laminate
  • Wood
  • Tiles
  • Vinyl
  • Stone
The aqua spray deep clean mop removes 99% of bacteria from all hard floors, the mop also comes with a 3 year guarantee, the total height of the mop is 52″ tall and the width of the base is 18″ wide so it is of a nice size.

Unlike conventional cloths an e-cloth cleans by breaking up, trapping and absorbing grease, dirt and bacteria, which a normal cloth would leave behind, all this is done with just water and there is no chemical residue left.

X Anita X
Disclaimer : We was sent a Aqua Spray Deep Clean Mop in exchange for our review, all thoughts and opinions are 100% our own.



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