I have been wanting to loose weight for a while now, so today I have decided to just go ahead and make that happen. I have been to weight loss classes before and gave up after a while but this time I am determined and I am going to be strict with myself, I will do this…I will do this…..if I say it enough maybe it will help.

weight lossThis time round I feel more motivated, I am setting myself realistic goals to achieve so when I achieve them it will help to keep me determined and motivated, after all a happier me is a more determined me! I have already told Ian that I am planning on going on a diet and informed him that I don’t want chocolates or anything that will not help me on my diet, so he is now aware and has been asked if he will help support me in my choice to loose weight.


With Ian on all set and ready to support me I now feel ready to fight the bulge, as I once heard someone say nothing taste as good as skinny feels!

Now I just need to:

Think positive – if I think positive this will help to keep me going and continue to be determined to reach my goal.

Set realistic goals – this will help to keep me on track and keep me happy in the process.

Set myself a reward/punishment system – a little treat along the way… after so many pounds lost ( a nice massage or get my nails done ) or if pounds gained an extra long walk or extra 15 minuets exercise.

Pace myself – adjust slowly to the exercise and diet. Start of slowly and then gradually build up when I feel more ready too.

Make the process fun – do exercise I enjoy doing that way I will stick at it

Change the way I think/talk about my diet – inform people of my healthy eating and say I don’t eat certain foods rather than I can’t eat them, it wont feel so bad that way for me.

Only limit never say no to food – if I have a day where I really fancy and want a bit of chocolate or some ice cream, I will limit myself to half of what I would normally have, I will never not have it, as by going without completely will make my mood low, and this is where I will find it hard, so a little of what I fancy will hopefully help to keep me on track.

Buy the right food – if I don’t buy those evening nibbles and wine then they wont be there for me to have, it all helps with making the process easier.

Meals – look up new healthier recipes to have for evening meals.

With all this in place to get me started hopefully I am on the right track to a new healthier me. The only person who can make me more healthier is me, I will be keeping a blog diary on my weight loss with my ups and downs to also keep me on track, so here goes.

Disclaimer: I have not been compensated in any way to write this post.

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  1. I definitely think not restricting any food is a good idea, whenever I try to ‘diet’ strictly I think about food so much I just binge! Good luck 🙂 I’m also trying to lose some weight!

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