WWE StackDown Toys Universe

WWE StackDown Toys Universe

My boys are big fans of WWE, I will often see them sat there watching wrestling on the TV. When Bradley saw this WWE StackDown toys universe set he was rather excited about getting it set up.

WWE StackDown Toys Universe

This game has 73 pieces, it is suitable for ages 6+ and is very enjoyable, it has kept Bradley amused for a good while.

WWE StackDown Toys Universe

Bradley started out by reading the instructions for easy building, there’s not too many pieces so he did not find it to time-consuming.

WWE StackDown Toys Universe

Bradley found the instructions very easy to follow and he did not find it too challenging to build, he really enjoyed putting this together, it was nice to see him get stuck into something he really enjoys. Bradley is known in our house as Mr fix-it, if he see’s anything broken he will insist on fixing it.

WWE StackDown Toys Universe

As Bradley had nearly finished building it, he was rather keen to get playing and got rather excited.

WWE StackDown Toys Universe

Once it was all built we was good to go and put it to the test. It took Bradley about 20 minutes in total to put this together. He built it all by himself as he did not want any help, he was rather confident he could build it alone and he was right.

WWE StackDown Toys Universe

The figure that was in the box was 5.7 cm Sin Cara. This figure has multiple points of articulation, has a removable coat and interchangeable arms.

WWE StackDown Toys Universe

Sin Cara getting ready for the action. Bradley really enjoyed launching Sin Cara In Sin Cara’s known high-flying way.

WWE StackDown Toys Universe

Sin Cara is wanting to be the next WWE champion.

WWE StackDown Toys Universe sin cara the champion

To make the game even more fun, the WWE figures have a snap fit design so you can build, brawl, pose and rebuild the excitement with ease and not have to worry about too much time being spent rebuilding after launching SIn Cara through the ring.

WWE StackDown Toys Universe wwe sin cara

We have had this for a few weeks now and there has been no sign of the boys tiring of this. It has been rebuilt a few times and there has been loads of enjoyment from this. Bradley has already spied the other StackDown playsets, it is good that they are all compatible with each other and this can be built upon over time.

WWE StackDown Toys Universe sin cara logo

This has been a fun, exciting and very engaging way for Bradley to connect with the WWE’s superstars.


The RRP is £9.99 and can be found here.


Disclaimer: we was sent the WWE stackdown universe set in exchange for our review, all thoughts and opinions are 100% our own.


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    Looks fun – you have 2 toys in one almost – building it first and then playing with it! #UKbloggers

  • Great post, not really into WWF though. 🙂

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