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Turn your garden into a multi-functional paradise

Turn Your Garden Into a Multi-Functional Paradise

Turn your garden into a multi-functional paradise

Most of us have gardens that we have no clue what to do with. We usually mow the lawn, add new plants, maybe use the shed and sometimes lounge in the garden, but there are times when it can feel rather dull, empty and frankly a waste of space. It can also be expensive to keep maintained; a gardener doesn’t come cheap and time is money, meaning we can’t always be at home to spend hours on cutting grass and trimming hedges.

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to turn your garden into a multi-functional paradise that is full of fun, excitement and also practicality. Below are a bunch of different ideas that will inspire you to do something productive with your garden. Be warned, however, as some of these can be time-consuming DIY projects or expensive renovations. But rest assured, they are all worth every single penny and will give you plenty of reason to spend more time in your garden.

Turn Your Garden Into a Multi-Functional Paradise

Playground for your kids

If you have children living with you, then you can turn your garden into a private playground for them. Install things like a swing under a tree, a climbing frame, slides, and other fun playground apparatus. The size of your garden is going to have a huge impact on what you can install. If you have a fairly large garden, you could even install a mini golf course that you can indulge in as well. Some very basic playground additions are basketball hoops and goal posts for football. They provide plenty of fun all the way from their toddler years to when they become a teenager and they’re very low maintenance. If you plan to build playground apparatus such as slides and swings, then remember that you’ll need to get rid of them when your child is too big or grown up to play on them. Check out this fantastic article at for some brilliant DIY plans for an outdoor playground.

Vegetable garden for you

If you’re interested in living a green lifestyle by growing your own fruits and vegetables, then there’s nothing like growing them in your own backyard. With the help of a greenhouse, you’ll be able to grow pretty much anything that you want assuming your climate supports it. In addition to growing just fresh fruits and vegetables to snack on and cook with, you can also grow beautiful plants to decorate your house with or send to friends as gifts. Building your own greenhouse is very possible, but if you’d prefer something pre-made then take a look at for some great pre-built greenhouses that come with installation services. It’ll save you plenty of time and you won’t need to learn how to build your own greenhouse. There’s nothing quite like plucking some fresh herbs and vegetables from your own backyard, so this is definitely a life-changing home improvement!

Rest and relaxation

Our gardens can become tranquil paradises that are full of relaxing things. Perhaps something simple like a water feature could relax your mood and help you de-stress, or maybe some comfortable garden furniture will be enough to help you unwind. Garden furniture can be luxurious instead of being those boring plastic chairs and table. If you want a bit of inspiration to help you out, take a look at this article from There’s plenty of ideas that include luxury weatherproof chairs and tables, and they’ll add a new dimension of comfort to your garden that you never knew was possible.

Turn Your Garden Into a Multi-Functional Paradise

Hobby area for everyone

Depending on what your hobbies are, there’s always room for them in your garden. Perhaps you and your kids love to get messy with arts and crafts, such as spray painting and clay modelling. If you do it outside, it’s easier to clean up and the fumes from spray paints won’t spread around the home or stick to furniture and walls. It’s a good idea to designate an area on your patio or in your garden for arts and crafts if that’s your hobby. You might also think about renting chickens for the sake of harvesting their eggs. Services like allow you to raise chickens that will eventually lay eggs that you can harvest. These require quite a bit of space, but that’s not a problem if you have an empty garden that isn’t seeing much use. Raising chickens can be quite tough, however, and it’s something that will require a lot of attention, but if the lure of fresh eggs is tempting enough, then you should definitely consider it.

Swimming pool for health and fun

Building your own swimming pool takes a lot of work and there are many considerations. A raised swimming pool takes a lot less work because it means less digging, but an in-ground swimming pool can be a fantastic alternative if you have planning permission and enough space. Swimming pools are fantastic for both your health and enjoyment and they create great centerpieces for people who want to throw pool parties. Owning a swimming pool does take a lot of work—it’s not something that you can just buy and forget about. You need to clean out the water, you need to ensure the pool is safe and you need accessories to go with it like a pool cover.

Grill area for parties

Lastly, we can’t forget about outdoor kitchens. Even if it’s just a simple grill to cook up meats and vegetables on a hot summer day, it’s the perfect appliance to enjoy the outdoors more often. With summer coming up, there’s even more motivation to get outside more because cooking indoors will spread heat throughout the house and make it unbearable to live in. Make sure you have a luxury set of furniture to go with it and learn some delicious barbecue recipes. This makes it great to hang out with your family members and invite friends over for parties, and there’s nothing like relaxing with loved ones on a summer day as the grill is on and drinks are being served.

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Top tips to save money and still have a great garden

Top Tips To Save Money And Still Have A Great Garden

Top tips to save money and still have a great garden

Gardening is fast becoming a popular hobby for many people, and there is no shortage of reasons why. You get to spend time outside in the fresh air, which is incredibly good for you, and being outside can give you a sense of freedom. Plus it’s great for the whole family. However, some people can be put off from spending time in the garden thinking it can be an expensive hobby to maintain. Think constant flower buying and expensive BBQ’s. But there are many ways you can save money with your garden, and I wanted to share some of the top tips to help you do that.

Shop smart when it comes to the big investments

There are costly items when it comes to your garden. Furniture and a BBQ are some of the bigger purchases that spring to mind. However, if you shop smart, you can buy these items fairly frugally. You could consider shopping online in a garden furniture sale or perhaps hunting out discount and voucher codes for some of the leading shops. Offering discounts periodically, helping to bring the cost down on some of the more pricey items. There are plenty of ways you can get fantastic items cheaper. You just need to hunt out those bargains and have the patience to wait for the right time to buy.

Spend your time not your money

When it comes to your garden it’s more worthy of investing your time than your hard earned cash, this is because your garden needs your attention. From mowing the lawn and treating the grass to ensuring that you rid your flower beds of pesky weeds that can crop up. Spending your time can really make a huge difference.

Really consider how you want to use your garden

Knowing exactly what you want from your garden can save you a lot of time and effort. Do you want to entertain in your garden? Spend time with your family or friends? Enjoy food or just have a place to relax? All of these things can be taken into account before any money is spent.

Grow your own vegetables

Why not consider using your garden, to save you money in other areas of your life? For example, your food shopping bill. Growing your own vegetables and fruit is fast becoming a trend many people are embracing, and it could shave off a few pounds on your grocery bill. There are plenty of tutorials online with a step by step guide on how to get started. It could be something you really enjoy doing.

Look after your garden tools

Finally, garden tools like a lawn mower or some of your manual tools can be quite expensive. But if you regularly keep them clean and maintain them then they should last you a long time. Saving you more investment in the future. Simple things like cleaning them after use and keeping them dry can make all the difference.

I hope these top tips help you save money while still getting a great garden you can enjoy.

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