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Confidence building

Confidence building

Confidence buildingI don’t know if you are aware but I was in a horrible car accident back in June this year, I was in hospital for ten days following my accident, I had suffered nerve damage and lost the use of my left arm and leg for a while, I was in a wheelchair for 3 months, I have had intense physio every week since the accident and with a lot of determination and support from my family I am now getting ready to go back to work.

I can’t begin to explain how excited I am about going back to work, I am not one for sitting around at home and I absolutely love my job as a support worker. I have one HUGE hurdle left to confront before I am free to return to work and that is to get back behind the wheel of the my car, I feel sick to my stomach at the thought of even just sitting in the driver’s seat again. My car accident happened on the motorway, my back tyre had a blowout causing my car to spin across two lanes of the motorway and then send me skidding facing the wrong way up the motorway and all I remember seeing was a lorry coming towards me, I ended up crashing into the barrier and needed to be cut free from the car by the firemen.


Since my accident back in June I have worked so hard along with my physio therapist Ann to get me back up and walking un-aided again (this has only just happened this week) that I have not even had time to think about my feelings of driving again as I have been concentrating on not getting my self down about my current situation, I was suffering nightmares at the time and flashbacks, my health was my main priority at the time.

I was at the hospital yesterday chatting with my neurologist along with Ian about me returning to work and she asked me how would I feel about driving home from the hospital and at that moment in time it hit me, everything came flooding back about the accident, I couldn’t breath, I started sweating and I just broke down, it hit me, the accident has made me absolutely petrified of getting back behind the wheel.

I am determined to not let the accident beat me, I am going to try so hard to get back behind that wheel but it is going to take a lot of determination, I am aware that it is going to bring back all the horrid memories of my accident but if I don’t face this fear then I will not be able to return to the job I love and it will put strain on us as a family. I am now confidence building and will hopefully be back behind the wheel very soon.

Have you had any horrid fears that you have had to face? do you have any hints or tips that will help me?

Disclaimer: I have not been compensated in ay way to write this post.

Revitive IX circulation booster

Revitive IX circulation booster

Following my recent car accident that I was in back in June here I was left with nerve damage and loss of the use of my left arm and leg, this has left me having to have carers come in to me, I have been having physio therapy at the hospital and private reflexology at home every week without fail since and I am under a specialist at the hospital.

I am very determined to not let this beat me, the doctors have told me I am looking at a six month time scale to recover, before my accident I was a very independent person working as a support worker out in the community full time and looking into setting up my own massage business, now I am the one needing the help and I am finding it very hard to adjust, my business plans are now on hold for a year, I count my blessings everyday that I survived my car accident as things could have been alot worse than they are.

Ian came across a revitive IX machine for me to use at home, he had been told that they are really good so he brought me one when I came home from a very long 11 days in hospital to help with my recovery, the revitive IX machine is excellent, it comes with a remote control for easy use or it can be used manually, it comes with two pairs of electrode body pads and these can be used to target other areas of the body, the revitive also has a Isorocker, this rocks the revitive back and fourth when the electrical impulses cause the calf muscles to gently tense up, the revitive IX has 15 variable waveforms, each with a different pattern to ensure the muscles contract more effectively throughout each session, the revitive IX is suitable for everyone even those with poorer circulation and the 99 intensity levels really help.


The revitive IX really helps with increasing blood circulation, swollen feet, ankles and it alleviates aches and discomfort.


The revitive IX is very easy to use, you put both feet on the foot pads, either use the remote or manually increase the intensity levels of the electrical impulses that trigger the muscles actions, these levels can be set from 1-99, when you first turn it on you will get a funny tingling sensation, you set the levels that you are comfortable with, you should see your calf muscles tensing and relaxing the isorocker will allow your feet to rock back and forth, you can use the revitive without the isorocker and it can be used in a comfortable angled position if you wish, the revitive IX circulation booster is mains powered.


Due to myself being a lot less mobile at the moment the revitive IX has really helped me with my circulation, swollen feet, and pain, I have been using the revitive IX everyday for 20-30 minutes at a time.


I am really pleased we had this recommended to us.

        X Anita X

Disclaimer : This is a purchased item that I love and wanted to share.

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Block that cold challenge with NasalGuard

 Block that cold challenge with Nasalguard

Block that cold challenge with NasalGuard


Anyone that knows Lee will know he is never far from a box of tissues, in the summer it is due to his hayfever and in the winter it is due to having a constant cold, so we are taking part in the block that cold challenge with NasalGuard to see if we can beat the germs this year.

Lee finds it very draining constantly having a cold, it effects his schooling and socialising with Friends, we are having to take time off work to look after him which obviously comes natural, then the bills don’t get paid, having the constant battle with germs is hard work as they spread so easily around a household.

The NasalGuard cold & flu block, this is a 3g gel  that traps, holds and immobilise airborne viruses, it is to help reduce the likelihood of getting sick from cold and flu viruses, the gel is drug free and non-drowsy.

NasalGuard has a patented formulation containing cosmetic grade ingredients, which creates a positively charged gel that blocks negatively charged viruses on contact before they enter your nose.

We are all going to be using the cold and flu block in our house this year, we are not going to let the germs beat us, we are looking forward in seeing how well it works.

You have to start using the gel before the flu seasons starts and use daily for the best results.

You will only need 1-2 drops of the non greasy gel, put the drops on your finger, rub your finger and thumb together, apply a thin layer around your nose and on your upper lip, you can re-apply throughout the day if you wish and there are no horrible odours.

Being drug free this product is safe for children, pregnant women and breastfeeding mums.

It can be worn under or over make up and one tube holds around 150 applications.

This products cost’s £11.99 and can be purchased at boots, superdrug or sainsburys, there is no prescription needed.

How would you like to beat the bugs/germs this year?

We will be tweeting our progress on twitter using #BLOCKTHATCOLD 

We have one cold and flu block to give away to one lucky person, you may also take part and join us on our challenge by tweeting your progress using #BLOCKTHATCOLD, all you have to do is enter the competition below by filling in the rafflecopter form below………GOOD LUCK !

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Disclaimer : We was sent a NasalGuard cold and flu block in exchange for our review and give away, all thoughts and opinions are 100% our own.

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Ozeri cardio tech premium series BP3T blood pressure monitor

I have recently been reviewing the Ozeri cardio tech premium series blood pressure monitor.

Ozeri cardio tech premium series BP3T blood pressure monitor
Photo credit Ozeri Cardio Tech

This blood pressure monitor is portable, accurate and simple to use, it comes with a arm cuff design with clinically proven technology, it has advanced one-step operation, it is fully automatic on inflation and deflation, the monitor is designed for 2 users and stores 120 blood pressure readings ( 60 per user ).

The monitor has a automatic hypertension indicator using an intelligent graphical display, it has push-button access to average blood pressure calculation, it has irregular heartbeat ( Arrhythmia ) detection, it has the clock, date & time stamp for each reading, it requires 4 AAA batteries these come with the unit and it also comes with a adult sized arm cuff ( 8.7″ – 16.5″/22-42cm ).

Here is a video of how easy it is to use

Here is a picture I took from the user manual that explains the readings to you.

Here is a photo i took from what is in the user manual explaining the readings.
Applying the cuff
  1. Make sure the air plug is securely inserted into the main unit.
  2. Apply the cuff to your upper left arm with the tube running downward along your inner forearm, the base of the cuff should be approximately 1″ above your elbow.
  3. The cuff should be snug but not tight, you should be able to insert one finger between the cuff and your arm.
  4. Sit comfortably with your arm resting on a flat surface and the cuff level with your heart.
  5. Be careful not to rest your arm on the air hose as this could restrict the units airflow. this is the monitor

the monitor weight is approx. 10.6 oz ( 300g ) excluding batteries.

The main unit external dimensions approx. 7″ (L) x4″ ( W ) x 1 1/2″  ( H )  ( 180mm x 100mm 39mm )
Measurement range. Pressure: 0-300mmHg(0-40kPa)
Pulse value: (40-199) times/minute

Setting the date and time was very easy to do, with the unit off press and hold the SET button for 3 seconds until the YEAR begins to flash, you will then need to press the MEM button to advance the year, once you have set the correct year you then press the SET button to save it, the unit will then go on to the same process with setting the date and time, we found the process rather easy to follow.

To use the monitor you would choose if you are going to be person ( A ) or person ( B ), apply the cuff, press start, wait a few seconds and then you will have your reading.


This blood pressure monitor is a nice handy size and it comes with this great bag with handle.
Monitoring your own blood pressure at home is a really useful way of monitoring your blood pressure in your daily life, it is convenient, you can also look back through the saved/previous readings, keep a close eye on your previous readings, if need be you can also take it to the GP and show them your previous readings if you have any concerns, if like me and you find it very stressful having your blood pressure checked at the surgery and find your readings are up and down, you can do the readings at home and show the GP, my GP never knows if my blood pressure reading is due to the stress of having it done, my medication or if that is my blood pressure so we have been keeping a close eye on our blood pressure since having this monitor, we have had peace of mind, we can check our blood pressure day or night, we find this monitor to be compact, portable and simple to use, it is not a big machine, it is of a nice size and can fit nicely in a draw or cupboard when not in use.
If you would like to purchase one of these Ozeri CardioTech BP3T Monitors to keep a close eye on your blood pressure, the RRP is £119.99 but there is a sale on at the moment so if you hurry you may be in luck and could purchase one at £49.99.
                                               X Anita X    
Disclaimer : We was sent a Ozeri cardio tech premium series BP3T blood pressure monitor in exchange for our review, all thoughts and opinions are our own.
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My hospital stay

My hospital stay

I have recently come out of hospital following my car accident, the post of my accident can be found here.

I did not plan on being kept in when I arrived at hospital let alone being kept in for so long. My hospital was awful, I missed Ian and the boy’s so much. I had my car accident on the Thursday I was taken straight to hospital from there, I was sent home being told I had whiplash of the lower back and my neck following a x-ray of my hip, I was back home in a matter of 3 hours following my accident.

Here is what happened next

When home I was still having the same trouble with walking, I could not grip with my left hand or move my left arm or my leg, I was having trouble with sleeping, I was having flashbacks of the accident every time I closed my eyes, Ian said come Monday morning he was going to ring my GP to see if he can get me some help with sleeping.

Monday morning came and he had managed to get us an appointment for 10am so off we went to attend our appointment, my GP asked what tests had been carried out so far at the hospital, he was not happy that I was taken off the spinal board at the hospital without having scans/X-ray’s of my spine, he wrote a letter instantly and sent me straight off to hospital wanting spine tests done ASAP, I was so sore tired and weak by that point so off we went with the GP letter and headed off for these tests, the GP phoned ahead to say we was being sent in.

My hospital stay
I was like this for eight hours, I hate being restricted but I knew it was for my own good.

We was just expecting to be there for that day so arranged childcare with family for when the kids came out of school, we went to the A+E department to say we had arrived waited our turn to be called in, when we did go in I was checked over and was instantly strapped back down to protect my spine, this is a big fear of mine so I got tearful again as I hate being restricted.I was taken into the EAU where I had x-ray’s of my spine, neck and shoulder, these all come back to say there was nothing broken but they was still not happy and was admitting me for further tests.

I told Ian as I was being admitted he may as well go home and get some sleep as by this point it was rather late in the evening, we was both very tired, Ian didn’t want to leave me as the staff did offer him a bed for the night but we had Buddy at home who needed feeding and letting out so he had to get back for him.

I was told I was not allowed to get out of bed and I was like this for 3 days of my stay in hospital, I was on morphine every 2 hours because of the pain, and I was having loads of other tests done while I was there.

By the time I had all the tests done that was needed I had been in hospital for an unexpected 11 days in total, I found it very hard being away from Ian and my boys, coming up to the end of my stay I was getting very teary as I just wanted to be at home.

I did not see my boys while I was bed bound as I did not see it was fair for them to see me like that, they came up once I had been told I can move again, not seeing my kids was the worst part.

I started swelling up whilst in there, my arm, leg and foot on my left side got really swollen and I had to have my wedding ring cut off, that made me feel awful but I knew it had to come off as it was dangerous.

While in hospital I saw a physiotherapist who worked with me while I was in hospital, I then saw an occupational therapist who went through my safety at home, we talked about walking, getting in and out of bed, washing/dressing, food/drink, stairs and so on.


I have been told I have spine trauma and nerve damage, I have been told that it is not going to be a quick recovery, I am under the spine specialist attending their clinic being kept a close eye on and I am also still receiving physio and attending their clinic.

I am now back home and I now have equipment in place to help me have as much independence as possible and I also have carers come in to me throughout the day to help me.

I am finding all this very hard to adjust to as before this happened I was a very independent person, I was a full-time working mum who was on her way home from work when this happened, I am extremely happy that I was on my own in the car when it happened and that no one else was injured except me, but what I am mostly happy for is that I am still here today.

I am now adjusting to everything and trying to stay as positive and as independent as possible, I have good days and I have bad days, I get bored very easily so I am just finding things to keep me occupied.


Disclaimer: I have not been compensated in any way to write this post.
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The anti-ageing health and beauty show 2014

The anti-ageing health and beauty show 2014

Are you free this weekend, if you are looking for somewhere to go then I would recommend a trip to The anti-ageing health and beauty show 2014.

This would be a day well spent as the show is the only UK event dedicated to helping men and women keep looking fabulous at any age.

There will be exhibitors, celebrity speakers to make you look and feel fantastic, the day will be packed with meeting the celebrities Dr Dawn Harper from embarrassing bodies, Linda Lusardi the former model, actress and TV presenter and Sophie Anderton super model-model and reality television personality, you will be able to gain hints and tips from professional make-up artists & stylists, you will be able to learn how diet and supplements can prevent avoidable health issues, learn which diet and exercise can help you to stay young and healthy, the day gets even better with live demonstrations, you can try new products, hear all about the latest innovations in laser techniques, to top it all off you can enjoy treatments from world leading practitioners, now how about all that for a day out.

I will be attending the show on Sunday 11th may and we are very excited and looking forward to attending.

Ticket prices are :

£18 standard admission
£29 standard weekend pass
£95 VIP admission

10th -11th may at London Olympia

Saturday 10th May 10-00 – 19 00
Sunday 11th  May 10-00 – 18 00

You can follow them on Facebook and Twitter


The anti-ageing health and beauty show 2014
  Photo credit to the anti-ageing show

Disclaimer : I was sent a free ticket to the show in exchange for a review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.