Slimming World Journey

Slimming world journey

Slimming World Journey

A new chapter has begun in our house, we have started a weight-loss journey. This tab is where you will find all our updates that we write about along our Slimming World Journey. The ups and the downs!

Me before my journey began

Slimming World Journey

1)  The start of a new me – 9/10/2014

2) Weight-loss update – 20/10/2014

3) January weight-loss update – 9/1/2015

4) Two stone weight-loss  – 19/2/1015

5) Goodbye weight-loss –  26/3/2015 – Half way to target, five months in!

6) A few words – 17/4/2015

Slimming world journey
Me so far 19/04/2015 at 2st 8 lbs loss so far. My target is 5st

7) Getting back on track (3stone 3 lb off so far)

8) Challenge update 23/10/2015

9) Slimming World weight loss continues 5/5/2016

slimming world journey

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