The anti-ageing health and beauty show 2014
              The weekend of May 10th – 11th
The anti-ageing health and beauty show 2014


Being in my thirties I have started to now feel the need to look after my skin, when I was younger I did not really pay attention to it, but lately my skin has started to feel really dry, and the signs of ageing and the sleepless nights from having kids is catching up with me.When I came across the anti-ageing show I was amazed at how big it was going to be, being the only UK event dedicated to helping men and women to keep looking fabulous at any age how could I not attend the anti-ageing health and beauty show 2014 and seek some advice.

When we arrived on Sunday 11th May we was amazed at how big the event was, there was people getting their hair done, teeth whitened, massages, the whole atmosphere was amazing and everyone was so friendly.

They had guest speakers and live demonstrations of some amazing skincare procedures.

We met with Linda Lusardi


There was so many different brands at the event and each stand had a professional on hand to answer any questions you may have, they was happy to help you, giving information or even just chat about your skin or hair and give advice and samples.

We met with DR Khan


What I loved was that you could just walk around at your own leisure and did not feel pressured into buying anything that you did not want to.

The anti-ageing health and beauty show 2014
All the stands at the show
There was a number of different companies ranging from skincare brands, cosmetic surgeons,
make up artists, hairdressers, cosmetic dentists, facialists, dermatologists, to health and nutritionists.
There was a choice of places to go for refreshments, after a while we took advantage of this as there was so much to look at you needed a rest after a while.
This was such a great day and I learnt all about exfoliating, serums, moisturising, we met with some lovely people, I also found it to be a great help talking to the experts about the products and being shown how to use the products if needed before buying as it gave me a greater understanding of the product.
We brought lots of great products but unfortunately not everything I would have loved to of purchased, if only I had more hands to carry the bags.
You can find out more information about the show here or find them on facebook and twitter

poster credit to anti-ageing show

Disclosure: I was sent one free ticket to the anti-ageing health and beauty show in exchange for my thoughts and opinions of the event, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. ive not heard of an anti ageing show , think it would be interesting to find some facts on the matter and how it happens

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