A brief guide to Cork
A Brief Guide to Cork
As the second largest city in Ireland, Cork continues to be in the shadow of Dublin, with many people from across the world choosing to visit the thriving capital year after year. However, cast your eye a little further and opt for a mini-break in the southwest of Ireland, and you will be able to base yourself in the beautiful city of Cork. Summer is just around the corner, which would be a perfect opportunity to appreciate Cork with your loved ones; simply head over to http://tinyurl.com/kugr4sd to book your break and start planning your Irish adventure.
Cork has long been established as a prolific sea port and because of this, it’s full of history and heritage for you to admire. The infectious atmosphere will be enough to reel you in, and once you spend some time exploring within, and beyond, the city limits, you’ll want to return again and again.
If you hope to delve deep into the history of the city, join one of the many walking tours that run throughout the week. Alternatively, grab your guide book and set off on your own – lose yourself in the city for a couple of hours and appreciate everything that you pass. Highlights of the city include St. Finbarre’s Cathedral, with its imposing Gothic architecture and intricate detailing, and the Cork City Gaol, situated in Sunday’s Well, which played a pivotal part in the city’s crime and punishment regime. The audio description, as you walk around the gaol, adds to the experience, too.
Don’t lose sight of where you are, though. Cork isn’t just about what the city holds – it’s what can be found in the outskirts, too. Take the renowned Blarney Castle, for example. It is here where you’ll find the Blarney Stone, which supposedly gives you the gift of the gab if you kiss it. The castle itself is one of the oldest in Ireland, and well worth a visit – try and get there early though, to avoid the crowds.
County Cork is full of unique and beautiful sights, just waiting to be discovered. Take a couple of days off work and spend some time exploring Cork – you’ll be planning your return visit in no time. 
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