Fanhams Hall Hotel

With being busy working a lot it is hard to find time to catch up with my friends as work and home life always tends to get in the way, so with chatting to some friends we said we will make some time for a catch up and pencilled in a date and place to meet. I have just returned home from a good day with good friends at Fanhams Hall Hotel.

 Fanhams Hall Hotel
So where better than a nice hotel, we chose Fanhams hall hotel, this is in a nice location as it was local to all of us, this is a beautiful hotel located in ware Hertfordshire.
We all said we will meet at lunch time and have a nice lunch together, Fanhams hall hotel offer a picnic package where you can go and enjoy the grounds of the hotel and they put a picnic basket together for you along with some blankets.
In the picnic baskets we had all cutlery and everything needed for our picnic along with plenty of food, we had freshly baked scones with clotted cream and jam, we had a selection of finger sandwiches, and lots of picnic favourites, there was also bottles of drinks supplied, water or fresh orange juice, this was all enjoyed very much and was a lovely Sunday treat, we found the time went too quickly, we got there at lunch time and was still there at 7pm, whoops but we was having so much fun.
We all had a great time and we was very lucky with the weather, it was really nice to be able to have a catch up with good friends.
We have all said this will be needed to be done more often as we all deserve a nice break once in a while.



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