Pets birthday parties


Do you agree with pets birthday parties.

Today we have had a birthday in our house, Buddy has turned 8 years old, pets birthday parties they are allowed right? …. Well Buddy has them and enjoys them very much.
We have had Buddy since he was 6 weeks old, he was with all his brothers and sisters when we went out to look for our family pet and the kids chose and named Buddy out of all of them, they said we want to call him Buddy as he will be our Buddy, he is loved very much and gets spoilt rotten, he is not just a dog to us he is a loved member of our family.
Buddy gets birthday presents and a card on his birthday, he gets cakes and treats, the kids do him a little tea party and he gets spoilt rotten, we even sing happy birthday to him and he loves it.
This year the boys made him little cookie bones as his treat.

Buddy loves being made a fuss of, he loves cuddles, he has his own routine he loves a treat at 7 pm every night and soon let’s you know when it is time, he loves Christmas as he gets loads of presents and lots of fuss, he is very clever and can open doors, he goes down the cupboards and helps himself to his treats ( we have had to move them to a lidded box ) he enjoys a walk round the lakes, he loves to play ball, sadly he is allergic to beef and chicken and he also suffers with hip dysplasia and this makes him very poorly.

Here is buddy opening his birthday present.


Happy birthday Buddy.
Pets birthday parties, do you have them for your pets?

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