Heat holder socks

One thing Ian has always said to me and that is “that my feet are always cold”. When I was offered the chance to review some heat holders socks I jumped at the chance. Since they arrived I must say I love them and they are so warm, they are worn on a regular basis.

I suffer with arthritis in my ankle and the doctors have told me to keep my ankle warm and supported, these heat holders have really helped me to keep it warm. With them being over seven times warmer than the basic cotton sock they have certainly been helping to keep my feet warmer.

With a 2 .3 tog rating my feet have not felt the cold, they have been kept lovely and warm and my arthritis pain has been minimised, these socks are extremely comfy.

The specially developed advanced fibre provide high performance insulation against cold with superior moisture wicking abilities.

The innovative knitting technology produces a unique extra long looped cushion pile to hold in more warm air, increasing the thermal tog rating.

An intense brushing process maximizes the amount of warm air held inside the sock for all day warmth and comfort.

So warm and comfy

We have had some lovely weather recently but the nights do tend to get a bit chilly and my heat holders are always close by for me to put on instead of the heating.

heat holders

My heat holders are lovely and fluffy inside and are very cosy and comfortable to wear.

Heat holders offer a nice wide range of products, men’s, ladies and children’s socks. Thermal wear, tights and leggings, hat’s and gloves to snugover fleeces and blankets you can find these on their website.

The heat holder socks have a variety of colours to choose from.

Disclaimer: I was sent one pair of heat holders in exchange for my review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. I really love my heatholders. I do not wear them in the summer apart from the evenings when it gets a bit nippy but in the winter they are my best friend 🙂

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