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Block that cold challenge with NasalGuard

 Block that cold challenge with Nasalguard

Block that cold challenge with NasalGuard


Anyone that knows Lee will know he is never far from a box of tissues, in the summer it is due to his hayfever and in the winter it is due to having a constant cold, so we are taking part in the block that cold challenge with NasalGuard to see if we can beat the germs this year.

Lee finds it very draining constantly having a cold, it effects his schooling and socialising with Friends, we are having to take time off work to look after him which obviously comes natural, then the bills don’t get paid, having the constant battle with germs is hard work as they spread so easily around a household.

The NasalGuard cold & flu block, this is a 3g gel  that traps, holds and immobilise airborne viruses, it is to help reduce the likelihood of getting sick from cold and flu viruses, the gel is drug free and non-drowsy.

NasalGuard has a patented formulation containing cosmetic grade ingredients, which creates a positively charged gel that blocks negatively charged viruses on contact before they enter your nose.

We are all going to be using the cold and flu block in our house this year, we are not going to let the germs beat us, we are looking forward in seeing how well it works.


You have to start using the gel before the flu seasons starts and use daily for the best results.

You will only need 1-2 drops of the non greasy gel, put the drops on your finger, rub your finger and thumb together, apply a thin layer around your nose and on your upper lip, you can re-apply throughout the day if you wish and there are no horrible odours.

Being drug free this product is safe for children, pregnant women and breastfeeding mums.

It can be worn under or over make up and one tube holds around 150 applications.

This products cost’s £11.99 and can be purchased at boots, superdrug or sainsburys, there is no prescription needed.

How would you like to beat the bugs/germs this year?

We will be tweeting our progress on twitter using #BLOCKTHATCOLD 

We have one cold and flu block to give away to one lucky person, you may also take part and join us on our challenge by tweeting your progress using #BLOCKTHATCOLD, all you have to do is enter the competition below by filling in the rafflecopter form below………GOOD LUCK !

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Disclaimer : We was sent a NasalGuard cold and flu block in exchange for our review and give away, all thoughts and opinions are 100% our own.

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