Blood pressure monitor

I have recently been reviewing the Ozeri cardio tech premium series blood pressure monitor.

The monitor has a automatic hypertension indicator using an intelligent graphical display, it has push-button access to average blood pressure calculation, it has irregular heartbeat ( Arrhythmia ) detection, it has the clock, date & time stamp for each reading, it requires 4 AAA batteries these come with the unit and it also comes with a adult sized arm cuff ( 8.7″ – 16.5″/22-42cm ).This blood pressure monitor is portable, accurate and simple to use, it comes with a arm cuff design with clinically proven technology, it has advanced one-step operation, it is fully automatic on inflation and deflation, the monitor is designed for 2 users and stores 120 blood pressure readings ( 60 per user ).

Here is a picture I took from the user manual that explains the reading

Applying the cuff

  1. Make sure the air plug is securely inserted into the main unit.
  2. Apply the cuff to your upper left arm with the tube running downward along your inner forearm, the base of the cuff should be approximately 1″ above your elbow.
  3. The cuff should be snug but not tight, you should be able to insert one finger between the cuff and your arm.
  4. Sit comfortably with your arm resting on a flat surface and the cuff level with your heart.
  5. Be careful not to rest your arm on the air hose as this could restrict the units airflow. this is the monitor

The monitor weight is approx. 10.6 oz ( 300g ) excluding batteries.

The main unit external dimensions approx. 7″ (L) x4″ ( W ) x 1 1/2″  ( H )  ( 180mm x 100mm 39mm )
Measurement range. Pressure: 0-300mmHg(0-40kPa)
Pulse value: (40-199) times/minute

Setting the date and time was very easy to do, with the unit off press and hold the SET button for 3 seconds until the YEAR begins to flash, you will then need to press the MEM button to advance the year, once you have set the correct year you then press the SET button to save it, the unit will then go on to the same process with setting the date and time, we found the process rather easy to follow.

To use the monitor you would choose if you are going to be person ( A ) or person ( B ), apply the cuff, press start, wait a few seconds and then you will have your reading.
This blood pressure monitor is a nice handy size and it comes with this great bag with handle.

Monitoring your own blood pressure

Monitoring your own blood pressure at home is a really useful way of monitoring your blood pressure in your daily life, it is convenient, you can also look back through the saved/previous readings, keep a close eye on your previous readings, if need be you can also take it to the GP and show them your previous readings if you have any concerns, if like me and you find it very stressful having your blood pressure checked at the surgery and find your readings are up and down, you can do the readings at home and show the GP, my GP never knows if my blood pressure reading is due to the stress of having it done, my medication or if that is my blood pressure so we have been keeping a close eye on our blood pressure since having this monitor, we have had peace of mind, we can check our blood pressure day or night, we find this monitor to be compact, portable and simple to use, it is not a big machine, it is of a nice size and can fit nicely in a draw or cupboard when not in use.
If you would like to purchase one of these Ozeri CardioTech BP3T Monitors to keep a close eye on your blood pressure, the RRP is £119.99 but there is a sale on at the moment so if you hurry you may be in luck and could purchase one at £49.99.
                                               X Anita X    
Disclaimer : We was sent a Ozeri cardio tech premium series BP3T blood pressure monitor in exchange for our review, all thoughts and opinions are our own.


  1. I’ve done a few Ozeri reviews and I think this is one of the Ozeri products that MaryAnn has mentioned to me. Looks great. #triedandtested

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