Meet the funniest kid in fiction

Follow his life’s ups and downs told through laugh-out-loud letters, emails. texts and much more. Shoutykid by Simon Mayle is a book Brad has been enjoying recently.

Hi there

My name is Harry Riddles and I’m ten years old, which my mum Say’s Is too young to have problems but she is WRONG.

My dad just lost his job, so i need money to make my mega-amazing zombie movie and save this family, but there is NO WAY I’m selling my xbox! so I’ve written to the queen, Harry Styles and a bunch of other famous people, who MIGHT lend me a hand, or a tenner, but so far nobody has written back ….

If you have any bright ideas I’d love to here them.
Good luck, and have fun.

Harry Riddles

P.S If you wanna know how to get past level six on world of zombies I can definitely help you out. 


This book is aimed at 9 yrs + and was sent out for Bradley so I am passing you over to Bradley for this review as the book was sent out for him to review so it is only fair that he completes his review by typing up what he has read about and shares it all with you as he has been very excitedly wanting to do so.

Hello everyone

Shoutykid by Simon Mayle

My name is Bradley I am 12 years old, I really enjoy reading, I will sit and read sometimes during the day if it is raining but I mainly enjoy reading at bedtime as I am mostly an outdoors kid during the day or at my kids clubs that I go to like art class or kick boxing and I also go to music classes as well.

I have been reading the book called shoutykid and I was really excited about getting this book to review as it looked really cool, I thought the book was so funny and it made me laugh, the book has loads of pictures in it that I really liked and have tried drawing myself as I love drawing, the book is about Harry who’s dad has lost his job and Harry writes letters to famous people and one of the letters was to the queen asking if his family can stay there as Buckingham palace has loads of room.
Throughout the story harry is involved in all different types of situations that he has to solve.
  • he wants to help Jessica realise her dream of becoming a actress so he tries to get her a slot for their play at the national theatre.
  • when his family are faced with debt problems he asks the primeminister if he would like to rent his home as a holiday house to make some money.

I really enjoyed this book, I loved all the characters, the book made me laugh from the first chapter through to the end, I have so many favourite parts of this book number one being opening a can of wuppass in chapter one.

Harry sends e-mails, text messages and posts on community forums as well as sending the letters to famous people.
This book was written in a teenagers way of understanding and also helps them face up to the new experiences of cyber bullying.
You can find more information on the website or if you wish to purchase a copy of the book you can do so here RRP £6.99
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Disclaimer : Bradley was sent a copy of the shoutykid book in exchange for our review, we was also given the opportunity to run a giveaway, all thoughts and opinions are our own.


  1. I’d like to write a letter to katy perry (and get a reply!) For my soon-to-be six year old son. He is totes in love lol xx

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