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Celebrating the football season

Celebrating the football season


As you may already know I am very passionate about my football and love celebrating the football season. I don’t miss a game if I can help it and I keep track on what is going on. I like to keep check on who is where on the table and you will often find me watching match of the day.

This weekend I have been sat watching the start of the football season, if you are not aware I am a born spurs supporter along with all my family. I live in Enfield so it is our home team, I love going to home games if we can. I have been on a spurs stadium tour and loved it, the experience was amazing, we have tickets to go along on a Wembley stadium tour and we are all extremely excited about this tour, it will be amazing.

What we have done to celebrate the start of the football season is bake a cake to eat whilst watching the football and to take my mind off my course my mum and dad have booked me on to start my dream in a football career, I am due to go on this course on Wednesday and the nerves are beginning to kick in now but at the same time I am  also excited. This is my dream career and it is about to start as this course will give me a good head start on what I need to know for the time being.

If you would like to read about the course I am going on you can read about it by clicking here to read my previous post.

The cake we have made looks awesome, I love it, mum and dad have always said to me if I am not watching football I am drawing it and if I am not drawing it I am talking about it but one thing they have never said is that if I am not doing any of the listed is that I will be eating it, guess what I can now, look I have baked  a football pitch, how cool is that.


I had great fun baking this cake, I will enjoy celebrating the start of the football season eating this cake, I also had great fun decorating the cake too.

            I am going to have a few friends round to help calm my nerves and celebrate with me
Who is your favourite football team?


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