Danny’s turning 18

Yes it is happening, we have to face up to it, he was once a baby in arms, now he is taller then us and turning 18 in November, where has my baby gone. Yes Danny’s turning 18 ….Yikes!

  • He is definitely a mums boy
  • He has made us laugh
  • He has made us cry
  • He has kept us up all night
  • He has made us pull our hair out
  • He has argued with his brothers
  • He has switched my freezer off just after we had done a big food shop, yes we was not impressed
  • He has had us up the school on more than one occasion
  • He has a very kind heart
  • He is very caring
  • He makes us proud every single day
  • Yes he is our beautiful son and we are very proud
On the 3/11/1996 at 15:55 a beautiful baby boy was born, I did not realise how much a tiny little person could fill your heart with so much love until that special moment, I totally forgot about the passed 12 hours of pain I just went through, he was immediately put into my arms and I am sure my heart skipped a beat looking down at him.He has had his ups and his downs during his younger years, just like any other child has of his age but he does us proud and works through them, he is due to start college in September to start an electrical course following his dad’s footsteps and he is very excited about this, he continues to do us proud everyday.
Danny now has a girlfriend, he has his future career planned out, he is a bright charming and mature caring person who is loved very much.So yes it is happening whether we are ready or not, our once baby in arms is now turning 18 in November and growing up so fast, the saying is definitely true, kids grow too fast.


Are we ready, no definitely not,He is a charming, beautiful kind young man, he is our son Danny.

We are planning on doing something really special to celebrate Danny’s 18th, plans are not yet finalised.

X Anita X


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