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On the 14th August we went to visit the British museum and to trial the new gamar app that was launching that day, when visiting museums my boys normally loose interest rather quickly so I was rather excited to see how this app would hold their interest.

Gamer perfectly merges culture and technology with its easy to use app and games, this app is for ages 7+ and and creates fun learning for children, helping them to learn about the stories and history behind exhibits.
How it works 
The software which is able to interact with real life objects and environment on display triggers interactive, augmented reality gaming experiences that are then played through smart phones and tablets, this has been developed to enhance the museum-going experience for younger, technology savvy generations by ‘gamiifying’ the learning experience.
The ‘A gift for Athena game’ at the British museum tells a story of how a gift for the goddess Athena’s birthday is stolen during a celebratory parade, the children are then asked to complete four challenges about the Parthenon temple to help get the gift back, on the way they will uncover fascinating details about famous statues, the wonderful stories behind many of the people depicted on the friezes and the epic history of ancient Greece.


I was amazed at how well and long this held my boys attention for, they was asking questions, they took a real interest in everything, they took their time in looking and they enjoyed the set challenges along the way, they got rather competitive with each other, they had great fun in racing to see who finished the challenges first and this was great to see.


This app created a fun educational experience for them and they found the app easy to use.


If you are planning a visit to the museum you can get the app for free before your visit and see if you can complete the challenges on your visit.



Here is a short clip for you to show you how fun this Gamar app really is.



        X Anita X

Disclaimer : We was invited along to trial the app, all thoughts and opinions are 100% our own.


  1. This is great, never heard of this app before. I’m planning on taking my boys to some of the London museums at some point in the next month, will definitely download this before I go!

  2. Ah, It’s great that you, Danny and Lee liked playing the game as much as we had fun making it. Pleased you like the idea Kate. I hope you enjoyed playing too Carly.

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