Revitive IX circulation booster

Following my recent car accident that I was in back in June here I was left with nerve damage and loss of the use of my left arm and leg, this has left me having to have carers come in to me, I have been having physio therapy at the hospital and private reflexology at home every week without fail since and I am under a specialist at the hospital.

I am very determined to not let this beat me, the doctors have told me I am looking at a six month time scale to recover, before my accident I was a very independent person working as a support worker out in the community full time and looking into setting up my own massage business, now I am the one needing the help and I am finding it very hard to adjust, my business plans are now on hold for a year, I count my blessings everyday that I survived my car accident as things could have been alot worse than they are.

Ian came across a revitive IX machine for me to use at home, he had been told that they are really good so he brought me one when I came home from a very long 11 days in hospital to help with my recovery, the revitive IX machine is excellent, it comes with a remote control for easy use or it can be used manually, it comes with two pairs of electrode body pads and these can be used to target other areas of the body, the revitive also has a Isorocker, this rocks the revitive back and fourth when the electrical impulses cause the calf muscles to gently tense up, the revitive IX has 15 variable waveforms, each with a different pattern to ensure the muscles contract more effectively throughout each session, the revitive IX is suitable for everyone even those with poorer circulation and the 99 intensity levels really help.


The revitive IX really helps with increasing blood circulation, swollen feet, ankles and it alleviates aches and discomfort.


The revitive IX is very easy to use, you put both feet on the foot pads, either use the remote or manually increase the intensity levels of the electrical impulses that trigger the muscles actions, these levels can be set from 1-99, when you first turn it on you will get a funny tingling sensation, you set the levels that you are comfortable with, you should see your calf muscles tensing and relaxing the isorocker will allow your feet to rock back and forth, you can use the revitive without the isorocker and it can be used in a comfortable angled position if you wish, the revitive IX circulation booster is mains powered.


Due to myself being a lot less mobile at the moment the revitive IX has really helped me with my circulation, swollen feet, and pain, I have been using the revitive IX everyday for 20-30 minutes at a time.


I am really pleased we had this recommended to us.

        X Anita X

Disclaimer : This is a purchased item that I love and wanted to share.


  1. I am glad you found something that helps with your recovery, sounds like it really will help you out a lot! I wonder if this would help my mum who gets a lot of leg/foot pain and pins and needles will let her know about this, great review thanks and all the best on your recovery x

  2. Oh gosh, how awful for you. It would be horrible for anyone, but given you wanted to take up a career in massage, this must be doubly frustrating – to put it mildly. This contraption sounds like it’s helping you, so that has to be good. Good luck in getting the use of your limbs back asap and well done for being so determined.

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