We would like to share with you our fun day at the park collecting conkers, but we would like to share it with you as a poem, we thought it would be more fun and enjoyable to read!

Our conker poem:

Conkers, conkers, lots of lovely conkers.

It is that time of year again when all the lovely conkers are falling from the trees.

In that lovely autumn breeze.

The conkers hang up high and some hang very low.

One has even fallen and hit me on the toe (OUCH)!

There was one conker found on the ground.

While two conkers fell free from the tree.

That made three all ready for me.

There was four more conkers that we could see.

We all had a high five then set about the tree.

There was six of us all with sticks.

We got them all down and now we have seven.

How great we nearly have eight.

Last year I found nine and they was all mine.

Three more fell and hit Ben so now we have ten.

The conkers in our conker poem
Our hoard of conkers

While we was collecting our conkers we had squirrel guest.

I guess they was thinking who are these pests.

The tree stood tall as the conkers continue to fall.

We had a little rest and had a game with our ball.

It was getting dark and we was still at the park.

We all said “we had better hurry as we don’t want our mums to worry”.

It was soon very dark and we all thought, that was a fun day at the park.


Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


  1. Brilliant poem! I love the way you have incorporated numbers into it!

    Laura x x x

  2. What a delightful poem. My children are sursing Daddy who took down the conker tree a few years back, amazing not to see any here this year. clearly there are some around to inspire your lovely words. Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids.

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