During the six week’s holidays we had a fun-filled day at London zoo, we was invited along to the little creatures family festival, the festival was a weekend dedicated to celebrating the story of one of its most famous residents Winnie the bear. The festival was to mark the centenary of the arrival of the worlds most famous bear Winnie.

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Winnie was a black bear who was given to ZSL London zoo at the start of world war one, she was frequently visited by author A.A. Milne and his son Christopher Robin whose fondness for the bear was immortalised in the classic tales. While we was at the festival we enjoyed some fun games in Winnie’s village and then went on a lovely walk around the zoo, we was amazed at how big the zoo was, the zoo has 17,000 animals to see along with craft activities and nature workshops even face painting, plenty of fun to be had.

brad and tigerWhilst we was walking around we saw the very excitable Jae Jae, he is a very handsome male Sumatran tiger who became a dad to three Sumatran tiger cubs back in February.

photo 1There was so many excitable places to visit on our walk round the zoo, there was a reptile house, gorilla kingdom, a beautiful penguin beech, an amazing butterfly paradise exhibit that features species from central and south America, south-east Asia and Africa, the butterfly’s took a like to Ian and kept landing on him. Ian’s dad has a love of bird’s and fish and loved the aquarium and bird’s, we loved listening to the lovely sounds of the birds as we was walking round. We all really enjoyed watching the monkeys swinging round and hanging upside down, the boy’s found them rather funny to watch.

ian an butterflyLee and Bradley loved being in with the bugs where there are over 140 different species, they found this rather enjoyable looking at big hairy spiders, millipedes, insects and other creepy crawlies. One place we really enjoyed was animal adventure as this is where you can get hands on, touch and feed some of the animals, Bradley enjoyed feeding the goats, we also saw sheep, donkeys, llamas and Kune-Kune pigs. We sat and enjoyed some lunch before heading over to see the giraffe’s, zebra’s, okapi’s, warthog’s and hippo’s, we did hope to get to the giraffe’s for feeding time but we just missed it.


While we was walking round the zoo Bradley was saying how he would enjoy being a zoo keeper and get up close to some of the beautiful animals he had seen, this will be something we will look into for him from the zoo experiences on offer.

Here is our photo album of our day at zoo. If you would like to visit you can plan your day here.





Disclaimer: We recieved free entry into London zoo in exchange for our review, all thoughts and opinions are 100% our own.


  1. I love London zoo! I’m a big fan of zoo’s and my partner and I have talked about trying to visit all the zoo’s in the UK! It’s great to go when their is an event on two, it makes it that much more special. I’m sure Bradley would have a whale of a time being a keeper for the day!

    Scottish Outlander

  2. I’ve not been to London Zoo since I was a child. It looks like they still have so much to see with all those animals and extra activities besides. I keep pondering over that Tiger photo, however did that person end up running after the tiger? Definitely still a treat to visit, thank you for sharing with me on country Kids.

  3. The photo was a fun camera trick, there was a photographer at the zoo offering fun photos, Bradley wanted a photo running after a tiger 🙂

  4. All the zoo’s in the uk, wow that sounds fun 🙂 London zoo was great fun.

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