brad 1Have I told you that I go to T’ai Tsung Kung Fu & Chinese Boxing class, I have been attending this class for about 4 years now, they have classes on a Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, I mainly go on a Friday or Sunday and I really enjoy going, I have made loads of new friends at this class. I recently asked “why the class is called T’ai Tsung” and was told it was chosen for the organisation to commemorate the support for the Shaolin monks by T’ai Tsung, the first emperor of the T’ang dynasty around 695 AD.


The classes are normally 1.5 – 2 hours long and this is what we practice:

  • Basic stances and blocks.
  • Rear foot kick’s.
  • Front foot kick’s.
  • Kick stepping
  • Step jump and kick
  • Advanced kicks
  • On the spot jump and kick
  • We do free sparring
  • Set sparring self-defence
  • Set sparring leg techniques
  • Throwing and take down

I am looking forward to breaking the tiles, chopping blocks                                                           and side kicking the wood, DSCF0909I have watched the others do this and I have been looking forward to giving this a try. I remember my first grading day I was extremely nervous and I even cried I was that nervous, but then again I was only 8 years old at the time, mum and dad took me outside for some fresh air and said to me “as long as I try my best that is all I can do and if I don’t pass it doesn’t matter I can try again if I wanted to”, but I went back in gave it my best and I passed, I was so happy and I have never been nervous at any of the other grading day’s since, I think it was just first time grading nerves.


The grading day’s I find are a day of mixed emotions, everyone helps each other and it is a friendly environment, you will find some people extremely nervous like I was on my first grading day and you will find some people not worried at all, but we all help each other through the day the best we can, we all get in some last-minute practice before it is time to grade, the staff are always on hand and happy to answer any questions you have, or to quickly run through any of the form that you are unsure of, this really helps to settle some of the nerves.


brad championshipLast April I entered the Interclub competition and I got bronze, I was very pleased with myself for getting this far, there was about 50 – 60 people who had entered, it was the first time I had entered anything like this, I had my mum, dad, brothers and a few friends for support, I found the day very enjoyable but extremely tiring, it opened up a few areas I need to concentrate on in my training. The competition was to do free sparring and it went on points, you gained points per certain move you do during your free sparring, the one with the most points after stayed in the competition, the free sparring lasted about three minutes per person you go up against.



brad little white belt


Here is a picture of me when I first started going to my class, look how young and tiny I was. I hope to go for black belt within the next few months if I train really hard and attend every week, I also hope to apply for the Interclub competition again and see how well I have come on from last time.




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