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We were selected as one of the toy testers for the rainbow toy awards and we were sent a game called hotel tycoon, on the odd evening we enjoy sitting around and picking one of many kids board games to play and enjoy, so we have recently been playing this game with the boys. In this game you are dealing with planning permits, upgrading buildings and welcoming guests, hoping they stay long enough to bankrupt themselves when it is time to pay the bill. Does this sounds fun! read how to play and our thoughts on the game.


This game is suitable for: 2-4 players, ages 8 upwards.

The aim of the game is: To be the last remaining player in the game, meaning you are the only player not declared bankrupt.

Contents in the box:

  • 1 game board
  • 28 hotel buildings
  • 8 recreational facilities
  • 8 title deeds
  • 1 control tower
  • 1 hangar
  • 30 hotel entrances
  • 1 pack of bank notes
  • 4 airplanes
  • 2 dice – regular and special
  • 1 set of rules
  • 1 set-up sheet


Kids Board Games - Hotel Tycoon

What we done first was make up all the buildings, Bradley volunteered himself for that job as he said “it look’s cool and would be fun to build” so he started to build whilst we read through how to play the game. Assembling the parts was fairly easy for Bradley to do as you group the roof and base’s of the hotel buildings according to the name of the hotel written on them. You carefully fold the buildings as shown on the set-up sheet and you then fit them with the relevant roof’s and base’s. The hangar is marked with an “x” and the control tower is marked with a “y”


Kids Board Games - Hotel Tycoon Brad building hotel tycoonBecome a tycoon is six steps:

One – Become a land owner by buying title deeds. Two – Obtain planning permission by using the special die. Three – Buy your first hotel building and then buy more. Four – Buy hotel entrances to make other players pay for overnight stays. Five – Buy recreational facilities to make your hotel more expensive. Six – Keep investing in more title deeds.


Kids Board Games - Hotel Tycoon hotel tycoon 2Before you play you need to place the hangar and control tower on their spaces on the board. Place the hotel buildings, recreational facilities, hotel entrances and title deeds within easy reach of the board because if you are like us and have everything everywhere it can hold the game up while you hunt where you have put them. You will need to decide who is going to be the banker and the holder of the deeds, I was the one chosen for this part. You all then choose an airplane, collect your start off money, and get ready to start.


Kids Board Games - Hotel Tycoon money


£12,000 goes to each player. 1 x £5000 note, 5 x £1000 notes, 3 x £500 notes, 4 x £100 notes and 2 x £50 notes.



Kids Board Games - Hotel Tycoon airplaneYou start off on the start, roll the regular die and move your airplane that number of spaces, you may buy the title-deed of any land adjacent to the game space you are on, you may ask the banker to show you the deeds of the land and if you wish to purchase the land the money goes to the bank, You may only buy one title-deed per turn. From your next turn you may construct building on this land. Each time you pass the red line next to the hangar you will receive £200 from the bank.


If you land on another players hotel you must then roll the regular die to see how many nights you will stay, the player that owns that hotel will then work out how much you have to pay by checking the title-deed, you pay based on the hotels current star rating and the number of nights rolled on the die. You will then get your bill and have to pay up.

Kids Board Games - Hotel Tycoon

Our thoughts: We found this game great fun to play. Once we had read the instructions on how to play as we have never played this game before we really got into it, we found the game very easy to get into and not too complicated to learn, the kids was laughing and really enjoyed charging us when we had landed on their hotels. This game made a fun-filled afternoon for all of us and really held the boys attention which is always a bonus if this happens as they do bore easy being teenagers.


Disclaimer: we was sent the hotel tycoon board game in exchange for our review, all thoughts and opinions are 100% our own.


  1. This has some similarities to Monopoly, but much easier and brilliant for kids. Looks like something you can play with all the family.

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