If there is one thing I hate doing, that would be window cleaning, I hate it that much I have a window cleaner come round to clean our windows. We have recently been using the Karcher WV60 window vac and we have been amazed at how quick and easy it is to use, it is that easy to use the boys have been cleaning the windows and have enjoyed using the window vac.

Karcher WV60 Review - Window Vac Karcher kit
Photo credit to Karcher

In our box we got:

  • The window vac WV60
  • Spray bottle with microfiber wiper
  • Wiper 1 x
  • Glass cleaner concentrate 20ml
  • Vacuum nozzle, 280mm
  • Vacuum nozzle, 170mm
  • Lithium ion battery
  • Battery charger

When the cleaner arrived we charged the battery for 2 hours for full charge, we then chose our nozzle size that we wanted to use, as we wanted to clean our patio doors we chose the bigger nozzle of the two ( 280mm ) the small one is easier for when we clean our mirrors and car windows as it is a lot smaller ( 170mm ).

How to use the window vac:Karcher WV60 Review - Window Vac window vac 4

We added the glass cleaner concentrate into the spray bottle then added water to the max line, then what we did was slide on the microfiber cloth over the wiper and then we clicked it into place onto the handle of the spray bottle, we then screwed it onto the spray bottle to secure it into place.

Karcher WV60 Review - Window Vac window vac 2

We sprayed and wiped the patio door using the spray bottle and glass cleaner to loosen any dirt, we then switched on the window vac to draw off the water, the water then got collected into the water recovery collection bottle on the window vac collecting all that horrid dirty water that would normally run down when cleaning. When using the vac we held it into an upright position starting at the top and worked our way down.

Karcher WV60 Review - Window Vac window vac 3

Window cleaning in our house is now quick and easy, it is no longer the horrid long boring job it once was before owning a Karcher window vac and having a window cleaner every month. Out of a fully charged battery we got about 20 minutes cleaning time.

We also use the window vac to clear condensation from the bathroom, we have a big glass shower and it does a fantastic job of cleaning the glass after a shower, it even does a fantastic job of cleaning the tiles. The window vac also cames in extremely handy to mop up spills. The Karcher window vac will vaccume liquid off any flat surface, how brilliant is that, NO more dripping or streaks!

The unit has:

1) A 12 watt motor  2) 100ml recovery tank  3) 20 minute usage time from a 2 hour charge  4) Depth 110mm  5) Height 345mm  6) Width 290mm  7) Weight 0.7kg.

You can find the window vac along with many other products on Karchers website here


The Karcher WV60 window vac RRP £79.99.

Disclaimer: we was sent a karcher WV60 in exchange for our review, all thoughts and opinions are 100% our own.


  1. Sounds like a good window cleaner, we have someone who does the windows but maybe we could buy this and save us some money

  2. Interesting post as we have a steam cleaner at home from Karcher, but hadn’t tried or known about the Window cleaner, great review.

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