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As asthma sufferers we try anything that will help us keep it under control. Over the years we have tried loads of different measures to ensure that the risks associated with having an attack are kept to a minimum. Bed bugs are a common trigger for asthma and I just feel like I am fighting a never-ending battle trying to keep this under control.

Bradley suffers rather badly with his asthma, and being a typical teenager who loves his bed and will quite happily stay there until lunch time most weekends and school holidays. We have been considering changing his bedding to more asthma friendly bedding. All of Silk bedding direct  bedding are filled with 100% pure and natural mulberry silk. Bed bugs and microscopic life cannot live in mulberry silk so we was rather keen to try this bedding.

Some of the benefits of the duvet are:duvet clip

Hypoallergenic – Designed to help minimise the likelihood of an allergic response as the duvet contains 100% natural mulberry silk.

Clip together – Silk duvets can be used all year round. If  you are feeling cold then a second duvet can then be clipped on for extra warmth using the clever clips attached that come as standard on each duvet.

Totally clean – Other types of bedding might contain thousands dust mites and other types of microscopic life. These cannot live in mulberry silk.

Temperature – Silk-filled duvets keep you comfortable as silk breathes and allows both excess heat and moisture to escape if you become too hot in bed, but retains heat on those colder nights allowing you to be sung and warm.

100% natural – Filled with top quality mulberry silk, universally accepted to be the best in the world. This is because the quality of the mulberry is so high it can be used in its natural state – no chemicals or anything else is added or used in the production process.


Hand sewn – To ensure the silk cannot bunch up or move about in the casing. This maintains an even warmth and maintains the efficient insulating properties through-out the life of the duvet.

There are so many benefits of using a duvet filled with 100% mulberry silk as listed here, but what would be your favourite one?

The Duvet Is Soft And Light

When our duvet arrived it came in this lovely case with handles. This will be perfect for when not in use, as we can store it back in this case to help protect it and make it easier/tidy to store away.

This duvet is so soft, light and airy but yet so warm and cosy. It is so nice to sleep under layer upon layer of the finest quality silk. Bradley said “it is so cosy and relaxing”. I took a little peek inside the duvet as I wanted to have a feel of the luxury silk, It felt so soft and luxurious.

bedding 3

bedding 1

You get a choice of three duvet thickness ratings.

Light fill –  perfect for summer, equivalent to 3-5 tog rating.

Medium fill – perfect for spring and autumn, equivalent to 7 – 9 tog rating.

A combination duvet consist of a light fill and medium fill duvet – an all year round perfect duvet, secured together by the clips in place on the duvet, this will see you through all the seasons, equivalent to         10 – 13 tog rating.

You Have A Choice Of Tog Rating

bedding 2You have a choice of different duvet sizes you can choose from. Prices vary starting from £75.

Cot bed – 150cm x 120cm / 59″ x 47″

Single – 200cm x 140cm / 79″ x 55″

Double – 200cm x 200cm / 79″ x 79″

Kingsize – 225cm x 220cm / 89″ x 87″

Super kingsize – 260cm x 220cm / 98″ x 87″

The duvet is very easy to care for, we air for a few hours outside on a sunny day and this enhances the silks natural properties and makes it feel like new again. If necessary you can spot clean with a mild detergent or take to a dry cleaners. It is very important to not machine wash as this will damage the duvet. Mulberry silk-filled duvets have anti-microbial properties and so are naturally free of dust-mites and microscopic life. They also do not retain moisture.

brad duvet

Bradley all cosy and watching his cartoons, how warm and cosy does he look. He will not let anyone else use his duvet, he now call’s this duvet “his favourite cosy relaxing cover”. I think I would have a big smile like that too if I had a duvet like his.

A statement from Asthma UK

“Asthma UK welcomes any product that helps people with asthma in the UK. Dust mites in bedding are a common trigger for asthma and with more than 200 people being admitted to hospital every day with asthma attacks, were doing all we can to reduce their risk of an attack. Beginning on the 14th July 2014 we are working with silk bedding direct who produce and deliver silk-filled duvets which could help to reduce symptoms and give people with asthma a better nights sleep.”

The RRP of this single light filled summer duvet is £95. The casing is a high quality 300 thread count fine cotton sateen, with an inspection zip to view the silk inside.

Silk bedding direct has a partnership with Asthma UK and for every duvet purchased in the UK a 10% donation will go towards the charity.

Silk bedding direct has kindly given a 10% discount using the code SBD10E at the checkout.

Disclaimer: We was sent a silk-filled duvet in exchange for our review, all thoughts and opinions are 100% our own.

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  1. My other half is asthmatic and it’s really good to know that there is a product out there that can help relieve his symptoms. Keeping the bed extremely clean to those standards can be quite hard, but this is definitely worth a try.

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