IMG_7969Anyone remember panda natural drinks from their childhood ? I know I do. With my boys always off to sports clubs or off out with friends, they are always looking for a nice refreshing drink to have whilst out. These drinks have changed from what I remember them to be. I love that they now have sports caps on them so the kids can save the drink and they don’t have to drink it all at once or risk spilling the drink and it be wasted, this happens a lot in our house unfortunately.

panda drink 3

The new range of panda drinks consist of still juice drinks, flavoured waters and squashes. The still juice drinks come in raspberry and blackcurrant flavours and the flavoured water comes in orange and pineapple and also blackcurrant flavours. The squashes come in either tropical or summer fruits flavours. There is a nice selection of flavours to choose from and the bottles are of a nice handy size being 250ml bottles they will fit nicely in a bag or picnic/lunch box.

panda drink 1What I love the most about these drinks is that they only contain natural flavours with no added sugar, they can be enjoyed on the go and at home, they are not fizzy, the lid can be put back on saving any leaks/mess, I am sure this will be a bonus for all parents. My boys love all flavoured water and juices as we only occasionally let them have fizzy drinks, the panda drinks was enjoyed by my boys especially after they have been to sports training as they are very sporty boys and they are always thirsty after, as anyone would be after a sports class, the boys said ” the panda drinks was very refreshing and fruity.”

panda drink 2

The panda drinks are bursting with natural flavour and are refreshingly fruity, you can buy these panda drinks at tesco in packs of 6 for £1.99 or you can buy a 1L bottle for 99p. If you wish to find out more about panda drinks you can look on their website here  you will also find them on twitter and on Facebook if you wish to head over and join them. After a long day at school, a busy sports club or even fun time with friends, my boys can cool off and rehydrate themselves with a nice refreshing panda drink and relax.



Disclaimer: we received some panda drinks in exchange for our review, all thoughts and opinions are 100% our own.


  1. It must be a great time-saver for you to buy these bottled drinks. What about using the bottles again and filling them with your own liquid? I used to make lemonade for the family back in the 60s. hehe. I know–that was back in the dark ages. But it saves money and you can make up a batch once a week. Just a thought.

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