We have been keeping a little ok BIG secret from everyone. The reason we have kept it a big secret is because it took the pressure off Bradley incase he didn’t pass to the next stage. We applied to a couple of companies for child modelling as we thought Brad would be perfect for this. Brad has shown signs of being a lover of the camera and loves to do poses, anyone who knows Brad will know he is not a shy person at all and is always in front of the mirror doing his hair, trialing different styles etc. In Brads words he’s got to look cool.

We sent a picture of Bradley over to a few companies and one day the phone rang and it was a company saying they loved the photo we had sent in and they would love to invite Brad along to a trial photo shoot, this shoot would be around 4 hours long and he would need at least 5-7 changes of clothes. We waited for Brad to return home from school, we sat him down and explained to him that a company had got back to us, we also explained what would be involved and asked of him, we asked if he would like to go along and have a trial, Brad was over the moon and excited will not even come close to how he reacted, he was straight up practicing his poses and searching his wardrobe for what he was to take to his photo shoot.

The photo shoot was for Brad to trial what it will be like having a photo shoot and to see what it is like in a studio. It was also a chance for the company to see if Brad had what it takes to make it in the modelling industry.

Since we had told Brad about the shoot, out came his diary and he had marked the date and time down, he had been chatting away about it to us, the neighbours and anyone close by since he had been told about the call. We had asked him a few times if he was still sure he wanted to go ahead with it all, we also repeatedly told him he can back out at anytime, he was certain that he wanted to go ahead, so he did with our support, and guess what………… he got accepted, he is so over joyed and we are so proud of him, he showed no signs of nerves and enjoyed every minute of it, he was in control of the whole shoot and was told he can stop at anytime, but he wanted to continue, we are so pleased for him.


Please join us by wishing this little champ good luck!


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