I don’t know if you are aware but Buddy suffers with skin allergies and is allergic to beef and chicken, we found out about his skin allergies a few years ago following a blood test we requested at the vets, he also suffers with hip dysplasia which we found out when he was unwell at the age of 4.

We was recently invited along to our local pets at home for a nutrition consultation, where we spoke about Buddy’s health, his weight was checked and it was like a dog MOT where they checked his nails, ears, fur, eyes and also his joints. Ian said Buddy gets a better check with pets at home than he does at our GP surgery.

We was asked a few questions about Buddy’s skin allergy, the food he is currently on and Buddy’s bowel movements, after a long discussion we was advised that the food he was currently on was probably not the best one for Buddy due to all the added extras in the food which is probably not good with his allergies.

Anyway…..after a long discussion we had a good look at all the other foods on offer in store and Wainwrights seems like the best option to try Buddy on and see how he goes, there seems to be a lot more of a choice for him in this food range, unlike the other range he was on there was very little in variety for him with his known allergies.

We was informed that changing his food over from his old food to the new food should be done slowly, by adding a little of his new food to replace some of his old food and gradually wean him off his old food onto the new one. We was informed that just changing straight over could upset his stomach and this is something we do not want.

pets at home nutrition consultation has been a real eye opener for us and we learned some new interesting facts during our consultation. With the help and advice we received we will hopefully be moving Buddy over to Wainwrights with Buddy agreeing of course!

We will be updating you on the progress of Buddy’s food change shortly, but in the mean time have you ever considered a nutrition consultation for your pets and was you aware that pets at home offer them?

Disclaimer: Buddy received a free consultation and was supplied with enough food for the duration of the challenge. All thoughts and opinions are 100% our own.


  1. We had trouble with our Beagle when she was on the wrong food and tried various medications before we realised the food was at fault. It’s important to get their diet right as different dogs definitely need different foods.

  2. My Daughter is always going on at me about getting a Dog, we just don’t have the space for one. Interesting information on their diets.

    Emily x #UKBLOGGERS

  3. Dogs are so loving, but yes you do need alot of room for them and there is so much to learn. x

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