IMG_9556Ahoy there! the Cutty Sark are looking for apprentices that are hard-working and are ready to sail the seas all they way to Australia. Do you know anyone up for the challenge? the Cutty Sark is ready to set sail on yet another epic journey and is in need of apprentices fast. This will be no cruise and your skills and efforts will be put to the test, the crew is in need of help fast.

The Cutty Sark have joined forces with Gamar and created a unique gaming experience. The game enables people to become part of the crew; they can unfurl the sails, steer the ship, ring the bell and even catch mischievous monkeys!


This is a fantastic opportunity for todays children to step back in time and experience what life was like for those who sailed the Cutty Sark over 100 years ago. During your journey you will be set important tasks to complete throughout the ship, you will need to remain focused at all times,but be warned captain Woodget will be judging your efforts and he is a hard man to please. You will need to prove you are handy in all aspects of the ship and indispensable to all on-board.


The gamar app is very clever as it interacts with real-life objects and environments, it triggers interactive, augmented reality gaming experiences that are then played through smart phones and tablets. Lee and Bradley found this a fun learning experience and it helped them both understand what it would have been like for those who sailed the Cutty Sark all those years ago. Lee and Bradley enjoyed working on the set tasks together and had great fun learning about the day-to-day life of a sailor on board, they loved bringing the ship to life using the Gamar app and experiencing the thrill and hard work of life on board as part of the crew.



Are you ready to be put to the test by Captain Woodget ? if so you can download the free Gamar app and then Captain Woodget’s Apprentice can be purchased at £2.49. So do you dare put yourselves to the challenge upon the Cutty Sark, we did. The Gamar app is a great way to turn iconic London attractions into interactive adventure playgrounds that are educational, unique, popular, interactive and most of all fun for all. You can use your mobile phone/tablet to explore, discover and learn, after you even get the option to share with the community how cool is that.


Disclaimer: We was invited along to trial the Captain Woodgets Apprentice game on the Cutty Sark for the purpose of this review, all thoughts and opinions are our own.


  1. I live just near there but have never been on it yet. I’ve got my younger brother coming to visit in a few weeks so will definitely be taking him now 🙂

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