Are you a Emmerdale fan? we are, well most of our family are to be honest. I have become a big fan of Emmerdale due to my mum watching it when I was a child and now my kids have become big fans too.

We was lucky enough to be Travelling local enough to go on a locations tour and visit where filming had been done and in some cases still get used for filming. Whilst on tour we learnt about when filming first started and where. Do you know when the first episode of Emmerdale farm was screened? it was screened at 1.30pm in a little village of Arncliffe in Littondale on October 16th 1972.

Time to test your knowledge a little, do you remember who lived here?


This was Annie’s house, a lot of filming was done in her kitchen.

We also learned about when weddings took place and when some of the cast joined.

We all love a good TV wedding, Emmerdale has averaged about one wedding a year, do you know when the first Emmerdale wedding was and who it was that married? this was March 1973 when blacksmith Frank Blakey married Janie Harker in Beckindale church.

In 1976 the location of filming moved from Arncliffe to Esholt as Emmerdale fans began to seek out the village.

Do you all remember the loveable Seth Armstrong? he joined the cast in 1979, do you remember what his job was? he was the gamekeeper.

Was you tuned in to the 1000th episode? this was November 1985, by this time the programme appeared regularly in the top 10 and was watched by millions.

Do you know the name of this home ?



Yes this is known as Home Farm, somewhere we all wish we could live right!

1989 was the year in which “farm” was dropped from Emmerdales title and production moved to a special studio in Sunny Bank Mill at Farsley. Do you remember the Tate family? this was also the year they arrived in Emmerdale.

Do you recognise this farm?


This is known as Butlers farm.

From then there have been fires, shock confessions, kidnappings, romances, weddings, very sad miscarriages, affairs, there is always something exciting happening in Emmerdale.

Esholt is the home of where Emmerdale was filmed for twenty-five years, this is where you will find.

The Woolpack


The heart of the village and centre of many fine story lines.

The post office


Owned by the Windsor family for many years.

Demdyke Row


This was used as Demdyke Row, residents included, Seth Armstrong, Jackie Merrick lodging with Joe Sugden, and later with Kathy when Joe signed the cottage over to them. Demdyke Row was devasted by the plane crash which killed six villagers in December 1993.

Pear Tree Cottage


This cottage has starred as the residence of many cast members.

The Vets Surgery


The Vets used by Paddy Kirk.

The Village Playground


Featured occasionally throughout the series.

The Main Street Cottages


Just opposite the Woolpack were the homes of Betty Eagleton, Caroline Bates, and Eric Pollard.

St Paul’s Church


Known as St Mary’s church, it has been scene for many weddings and funeral services.

Walking round a village that I have watched on television for many years is such an awesome experience, we was able to go into the Woolpack and order a drink, we could even go into the Post Office and purchase things.

If this is something you would love to experience the tour is about four hours long and the tour guides are extremely friendly and happy to answer any questions you may have.

Here is a clip of Emmerdales first episode.

Disclaimer: We received two tickets to go on a locations tour for purpose of our review, all thoughts and opinions are 100% our own.


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  1. I am afraid I dont recognise any of them. I hadly watch TV soaps these days actually over the last 3 years I havent really even been on the channels where these are shown. Its nice that you got to tour the set of the filming areas.

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