Trust is something we had in the kennels we had chosen for our loving dog Buddy, we had dropped him there Saturday as we was having a family party to celebrate our sons 18th birthday, an hour later while we was getting things ready for the party we had a call saying there has been an accident and Buddy has two cuts to his face that is rather deep and no one knows how this had happened.

Ian went straight back to collect Buddy and took him to the vets where he was informed Buddy will have to stay with them, be sedated and have it cleaned up and stitches will be needed. Our poor dog we still to this day have no answers on what or how this has happened to our family pet. This has been a very upsetting time seeing our very much-loved dog in pain, we feel really guilty as we had put him in the kennels, but we had put him there thinking he would be looked after and never dreamed of him being injured like this.

We have now lost trust in using kennels and in future Buddy will stay where we know he will be loved, looked after and kept safe. He is now 8 years old and we have been using kennels for buddy since he was a pup and we have never had any problems in the past. Our old kennels we had used in the past has recently closed down (Hence the recent change in kennels) the kennels he was injured at was Buddy’s second stay at.

We have filed a complaint and we are waiting an outcome of that, we have never been in this situation before so we are not 100% sure on the procedure, but one thing we do know is that we are not going to let this go as this could happen again to another poor animal.



We put Buddy in the kennels for one night expecting him to be looked after and kept safe, but one hour later we have a call, his injured, needing sedation and stitches to his face. All trust in kennels have now gone.

Have you ever had any bad experiences of using kennels?


  1. Oh no… poor buddy. Is he making a full recovery now? They should pay for the vets bill too, as its their negligence that caused it. We don’t have experience of kennels, but we used to use a cattery, and after a poor experience, we now trust 1 person to come by the house, and care at our home if we need it.

  2. This is terrible. I hope it heals fast.
    to answer your question – no, we never use kennels to be honest, if we have to we get a sitter in at least a walker.

  3. Poor Buddy I do think the kennels should pay for buddy’s vet bill as he was in there care when this happened, and that’s what you are paying them for to care for you pet

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