IMG_9799Having very thick hair can be horrid when trying to de-tangle and get rid of those horrid knots. I have many horrid memories of this as a child, screaming as my mum tried to de-tangle my hair, OUCH!  (I still have the odd screams now as an adult if I’m honest) not nice memories but I am sure most of us women have them. So if like me and you have long thick hair you will agree that brushing can be is a problem, making sure I have brushed my hair through properly takes forever and is very time-consuming and very annoying when in a rush to go out.

So to try to help solve this problem I have been trialing the Bella and Bear de-tangling set this set consists of a wide-toothed comb and a detangling Brush.

IMG_9804This set is great on:

1. Dry hair

2. Wet hair

3. Curly hair

4. Short hair

5. Frizzy hair

6. And even long thick hair……bonus!



This set glides through my hair with ease, there has been no need to pull and there has not been any screams as yet!

This comb itself has an easy grip handle, features Bella and Bears logo, it also has wide teeth, making it easy to glide through your hair pain-free. The set comes in a lovely gift box and would make a lovely gift for an adult or child that would love to brush with ease. The brush has firm but not harsh cone-shaped bristles without an end bead so you so you can brush and glide through those horrid tangles. The brush is gentle but effective and you do not see big chunks of your hair in the brush after brushing, this happened to me fairly often with my old brush and it use to scare me. Now I have this set I am now brushing with ease.


Disclaimer: We was sent a Bella and Bear detangling set for the purpose of our review, all thoughts and opinions are 100% our own.


  1. These detangling combs and brushes are seeming best but in my opinion if we use wooden wide tooth combs for detangling hairs it is beneficial for our hairs than plastic combs.

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