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Following on from Buddy’s visit to pets at home, we are now into week 2, taking onboard all the great advice we had received from his nutrition consultation, we have been weaning Buddy slowly off his old brand of food and slowly onto his new brand of food called Wainwright’s, we have done so by still feeding him his old food but by taking away some off his old food and replace it with some of his new food.


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We was advised to move Buddy slowly off his old food and onto his new food as this should help him to adjust to it slowly and save him from an upset stomach, we thought this was great advice and something we hadn’t done before in the past…and yes he did end up with an upset stomach, we did not want a repeat of this so we listened to the advice given to help us with the weaning process.


So how did we get on weaning Buddy slowly off his food…..Buddy has been very poorly, we had some very sad news relating to a lump on his toe, ending in Buddy having to have his toe amputated, this has been a very emotional time for all of us and we have pulled together to get Buddy through this. he has been on anti biotic’s and strong pain killers since then and is now coming to the end of his course, this week has been very hard for me to give full judgement on as seeing Buddy so poorly has been awful, we had already started the weaning process or we would have waited until he had recovered so we thought it would be best to continue.

What we can say is he has adjusted rather well so far to the different food and no food has been left in the food dish old food or new, so this is a very positive sign that he likes the new brand of food, when he was on his old brand of food most days he would return to his food dish and cry for more food and there has been no sign of this as yet, Buddy has not wanted much food due to his medication making him drowsy but he has been eating little but often. He has had a little upset stomach but this could be caused by his medication he has currently been on.


Buddy has been sleeping a lot since his operation, so I can’t comment as yet to what his behaviour is like since the food change, he has been on very strong tablets this week to help him to rest and recover from his operation, he his now coming to an end of his medication and is seeming more himself again so hopefully fingers crossed his energy levels will improve and I can give more of a judgement on the food change once he is himself again.

Have you had a nutrition consultation at pets at home for your pet? did I mention to you that it is free.

If you have had a nutrition consultation for your pet did the advice given help?

Disclaimer: we received some Wainwrights food for the purpose of this challenge, all thoughts and opinions are 100% our own.


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