Brotherly love


You may or may not know that we are a family of five, we have three teenage boy’s who yes argue like mad but what siblings don’t, but when it comes to it they are always there sticking up for each other without fail.

We have:

Danny who is 18

Lee who is 14

Bradley who is 13

When they get on together it is so lovely to see, they will either sit and play on the Playstation together, go and have a game of footy, they have even been known to go off and spend pocket-money together round the shops. When they are getting on together with whatever they decide to get up to it is heartwarming and we love to see the brotherly love, it’s just a shame it is not everyday…..Well a mum can hope!

When they are arguing the whole house knows about it, they can argue about anything from one of them going into the others room without asking to someone has the others t-shirt on, these day’s are not so nice as door’s get slammed and the arguing can linger on for day’s….This is not so heartwarming.

Diary photo
Love this photo of the boy’s enjoying christmas together.

Our boy’s get on really well apart from the odd moments here and there as any siblings have, they support each other in their clubs they go to and are always there cheering the other on when needed. They have even been known to help each other with homework on that good day.

Our boy’s have also been known to go off and get up to mischief together, they are typical teens and we hope they keep up the brotherly love.

Do your kid’s get on well together?


dear beautiful


  1. I think after I got over the whole push-sister-down-stairs phase we got along fairly well 😉 but my nephew doesn’t have a sibling yet – he will soon! It’ll be interesting to see how be copes…

  2. Oh they sound the perfect mix of brotherly love and brotherly intense irritation – which is just as all siblings should be! And a lovely photo of them all over Christmas – looks like it was fun!

  3. How lovely that they have each other. Mine are only 3 and 4 but they love each other to bits. I know what you mean about the arguments though!

  4. Ahh, such a lovely photo of your handsome boys. I think having a sibling is all about that mixture of being best friends and then driving each other completely around the bend. Thanks so much for linking up with Siblings. x

  5. Great to see all boys getting on so well together. I think it’s strange when there is no bickering. I used to live next to five siblings, four of which were brothers and they NEVER rowed. Lovely, but eery 🙂 Lovely picture #siblings

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