We recently enjoyed a nice family day out, guess where we went? we only went and walked on the famous cobbles of coronation street, it was amazing and felt so strange walking down a street that we have watched on our TV for years.

Whilst on tour we went back stage, we sat in whats known as the green room, this is where the cast would sit when not filming. We went to the dressing room area of the cast and then we went in the wardrobe area and saw some of the famous wedding dresses, coats etc.

We then went in the studio area and was shown the homes of the Platt’s, Duckworth’s/Dobb’s, Carla’s flat, underworld and the one and only Rovers Return. Whilst in the rovers there was a chance for a photo behind the bar. It was amazing to be shown where some of the main story lines have been filmed.


Whilst backstage we saw some of the props and memorabilia from coronation streets history.

We even saw the crews filming area, the TV’s and cameras used to film, we was told roughly the number of hour’s put into episodes, it was truly amazing to get an insight to how the show was made.


After a guided tour round the studio we then went out and walked on the famous cobbles, knocked on some of the doors, we all had an amazing experience especially the boys as they are just as much of a fan as we are. As we walked up the street the boy’s would say who lives where, everyone was amazed at how much of a fan the boy’s are.

Here are some photo’s of the boy’s acting out being extras….Take 1.


Bradley enjoyed acting out Tina’s death scene.


After a little bit of fun and acting out some of our favourite scenes we continued our tour of the street, we was lucky enough to experience the festive side of the street while on tour, the fairy lights was twinkling away, the houses had their decorations up and there was snow-covered roof tops.

Photo’s of the boy’s being extras…..Take 2.



The overall experience was fantastic, we all really enjoyed ourselves, when we watch Coronation street on TV now we can now picture it a bit more.

We could not resist a walk up the famous ginnel and a peek in the back gardens…Look at Ian and Brad being peeping toms!


Whilst on the street we thought we would call by Barlow’s Buys.


Then that was the end of a fantastic tour of the street, we all had a brilliant day, the boy’s loved the role of acting out being extras (acting out as extra’s was our own made family fun whilst on tour) when walking round the street it was great that we could just walk around at our own leisure, there was plenty of fantastic photo opportunities, the kid’s had great fun posing as actors/extras.


If you are a Coronation street fan or know someone who is, this would make an amazing experience. You can find tour information here.

Disclaimer: we received tickets to tour the street for the purpose of our review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% our own.


  1. As a massive Corrie fan my dad would love to go on this tour! Btw, I think your sons have a new vocation awaiting them – as actors! Tx

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