Looking ahead


Looking ahead to positive things in life, we all love to do it don’t we, well we do anyway!

Now that the christmas decorations are down and the new year begins we have been looking ahead to what this year has in store.

Here are a few of our favourite things.

We have celebrations to look forward to, those being grandparents 60th wedding anniversary and a parents 60th birthday. Family will be getting together to help them celebrate.

Our home is in need of a freshen up after the decorations coming down it always looks bare so we have decided a good lick of paint is in store and should brighten the place up. I am feeling a little daring, we always just go for a cream/magnolia colour but now I feel like adding a little warmth and character to our home this time.

We will also be celebrating our crystal wedding anniversary in August, wow where have those fifteen years gone.

We also hope to be celebrating Danny passing his driving test, he is currently having lessons and is feeling positive. We all have our fingers crossed for him.

Excitement is also kicking in as we are attending Brit mum’s live for the first time in June, we are very nervous but also very excited.

Our little blog is going to be becoming a year old, wow the first year has flown by and been amazing. We have really enjoyed sharing our life’s up’s and downs with you all.

Hopefully this year I hope to be able to get my massage business up and running, I had planned to get this all set up last year but plans was forced to go on hold following my car accident. Fingers crossed this can be set up this year.

When looking ahead we are all very excited about our family holiday, we have booked a sports holiday to go on. We are a sporty family who love the outdoors so we have booked a log cabin on a lake for a week where we have fishing on our door step, an all-weather ski slope, roller skating, multi sport court, nature trails, bike riding, gym and much much more.

I will also be looking ahead and planning a shopping spree, due to my determination to loose weight I have started to notice that my clothes are starting to become to big for me so new clothes are now needed. So far I have lost 1 & 1/2 stone and I am still going.

Do you like to look ahead to fun things to come?


  1. I am so pleased its all over, sorry but i didnt seem to have the stres at all this year, i simply had enjoyed xmas but pleased the eating and drinking part is all done wht lol, too much in too of a short time for me , food wise espeically and now my tummy is paying for it lol all the best in the new year

  2. I love looking ahead and planning ahead. I seem to always be one step ahead too haha nt always good but that’s me. Sounds like you have so much to look forward to. Amazing. Great post. Thank you ever so much for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme

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