Well let’s just say I have been put in a VERY BAD mood today. My day started off really well, I had managed to have an extra sneaky 20 minutes in bed, I had got dinner prepared before heading out to work and even managed to get some washing on in the machine….for me this is brilliant, I have never been so organised.

I was all set and ready for the day ahead, I had gone into work and my morning at work was ok I had been out meeting new clients which was fantastic.

After a morning at work and meeting new clients I had stopped for my lunch break, I was only having a half hour lunch break as that is all that I was wanting/needing. I thought that today I would have a light lunch as I am trying out a different approach to my diet so I had planned to stop at the shop and this should have only taken a couple of minutes to run in and come back out again as I have my lunch in the car most days.

Well being in the shop did only take a couple of minutes but what had put me in a VERY BAD mood is what happened next!

I had only come back out the shop to this…..


How inconsiderate and annoying can some people be, I mean really, I wish I was that skinny. My lunch break was not spent having a quick rest and something to eat like I normally would, no it was spent trying to find the culprit who had parked like this.

Do people actually think about how they park or do they really not care who they block in. I had to go back in the store and try and find the culprit with the help of a member of staff, that’s when things got worse not only did they block me in but they wasnt even in the store.

Now by this point I was fuming and in a very bad mood as I was running late for work, I had missed my lunch and the driver was nowhere to be seen. it resulted in me having to climb across from the passenger side over to the driver’s seat (this was not a pretty sight trust me) just so as I can get to my client who was waiting for me.

I wish people would stop to think of others when parking, I no parking bays are not very big but this was just un-called for and damn right not on. I think the reason I saw red so much is because I am a carer I had a lady who is bedbound waiting for me to help her and I so did not need this, all I could think of was this poor lady waiting for me and her lunch.

Have you ever been in a similar situation ?



  1. I don’t drive but find people who “park” (if thats what you call it) in that way to be ignorant. No consideration for others. It has happened to my mum on a few occassions. No need for it at all. I hope your day got better after that x

  2. It’s really annoying when people go and do that. Was shopping today and someone parked right up to the car. Another annoying one is where people don’t park in the space properly which means they have their car halfway into the next space too



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