Fun over half term


fun over half termThis half term we have had so much fun together which we really enjoy and cherish. We started off our half term with a day trip to London on the Saturday, we went sight-seeing and had an amazing day. We saw Buckingham palace, the London eye, Big Ben and so many more London attractions it was so much fun. We planned to have as much fun as possible and have fun over half term.

On the Sunday we went to watch Lee play in his football match where they drew one all, Lee nearly scored at the last few seconds but just missed the goal… lets just say he was not happy at all by this.

On the Monday we started our decorating prep work as we plan to paint our hall, lounge/diner, the boys had friends round later in the day to play on the Wii fit for some indoor fun as the rain did not stop all day.

On the Tuesday we went out for some fun in the park as the sun was shining the dinner was in the oven prepared for later so we headed off out to our local park for some fresh air and fun. Lee headed off out to his friends for a sleepover later that evening.


On the Wednesday we went for some fun at our local swimming pool, we had races up and down the pool and yes Bradley cheated again, he pretends to drown so I stop and help him, he then races off and wins. We met friends there and went out for lunch, this was great fun. The fun continued back at our house later in the day as the kids friends came for dinner, my house then sounded like I had a night club open up in the bedroom.

Thursday we had a day in doors today as our car was in for a service and it rained all day. We had a day of making our own games using products from around the house (post for this to follow). We also made homemade burgers for dinner.

Friday we headed off out down to visit grandparents who live in Clacton, we don’t get to see them much as they are not local, it’s so lovely when we do get to see them. We couldn’t resist going to the seaside without having some fun in the arcades.

Fun over half term
Brad looking like he has no head in the London dungeons.


Saturday was a day where we made big changes to our house and the painting began, we all got stuck in and helped, it was great fun. We enjoy doing our own DIY/Decorating.

Sunday was a day for sports clubs, Lee had another football match, today’s game was a home match and Brad had boxing training, he is going for his black belt next month. The decorating continued today through to the lounge/diner and kitchen.

The kid’s are now back to school, the decorating is continuing and plans are now being made for the Easter holiday’s.

Having fun over half term was great fun, we had so much quality time together and so many more memories was made and cherished. What fun did you get up to?


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