Crazy Times With The Girls

I recently had a very much needed/overdue night out with the girls, it was all very much last-minute, well for me it was anyway as I was meant to have been working that night so I had to say sorry I was unable to go, I then found out Friday morning that I was not down to work a night shift meaning I was then free to go if I wanted too.

Mad Rush

The mad rush then kicked in, I then had to quickly phone up and see if there was any tickets left as the arrangements was we was all planning on going to an event called ladies night at our local country club……Phew there was but that was not the end of the panic…..Then there was the panic of what to wear with only hours to spare!

With me doing all the phoning round whilst at work I did not have time to go and buy something new to wear as I would normally, I just had to hope I had something decent enough to wear in my wardrobe.

From Work Rags To Glad Rags

Once home from work I then kicked off my work boots had a shower, dug out and dusted off my heels, this girl planned to have a good night out and that is what happened!

There was a free glass of champagne handed to us upon arrival, free unlimited wine with our meal, a lovely meal, brilliant entertainment including a drag queen who had us in stitches, lots of much needed girly fun and laughter, we then danced the night away at the disco. What better way to end the week.

A night out with the girlsBefore we knew it the evening had flown by and it was 2am, whoops! but what a brilliant night, we certainly did dance the night away that’s for sure.

Hopefully Another Girls Night Out Will Be Arranged Again Soon

We have all said it is to be done again, we just don’t get to meet up as much as we should do, we have penciled in a rough date and I just hope we do get to meet up again very very soon.

A night out with the girls and lots of laughter certainly does make you feel a lot better.

I was a little worse for wear on the Saturday morning which then went on into the evening, is this a sign of a good night or a sign of I am getting to old to be partying the night away till 2am? I am still yet to decide.


  1. I love a girls night out Stephanie, shame is not something we do more often. 🙂 X

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