Eiffel Tower

We love visiting well-known attractions and love sight-seeing, one place that is on our to visit list is the Eiffel tower. With the kid’s learning French at school we said we will have a visit to France perhaps later this year or early next year so they can put what they have learnt so far into practice and whilst there we can visit the Eiffel tower.

The kid’s got rather excited when we told them about our plans to visit France to help them with their studies and love the idea of visiting the Eiffel tower whilst there.

Eiffel tower

So they had more of an understanding of the Eiffel tower we chatted about it whilst building a 3D puzzle. We researched and learnt quite a lot together.

The 3D Eiffel tower puzzle by Ravensburger  is a 216 piece puzzle, when we opened the box our first thoughts was WOW this looks hard but once we had gotten started we was rather surprised at how easy it was. The puzzle pieces are numbered to make it easy for us.

Eiffel tower

As you can see by the picture above not only are the pieces numbered but they have arrows to help indicate where the next piece needs to go.

The puzzle has three sections to it which is separated by a plastic stand to help it stay in place. To help us find our next piece we sorted all our pieces into rows 1-10, 10-20 and so on.

Eiffel Tower

We started off by building up from the bottom, the first section (bottom) has the puzzle pieces numbered from 1 – 76

Eiffel Tower

Bradley said “normally puzzles are done by looking at pictures, not by numbers” this was very true, we was doing a puzzle by numbers!

Eiffel Tower

Some of the puzzle pieces you have to bend, these just simply clip together to create the bend. We had a bit of team effort going on, I sorted the numbers out, Brad done the building and Ian helped us to get it on the stand (me and Brad couldn’t watch this part) me and Brad was scared the tower was going to break when it came to putting the sections together, luckily it is stronger than we thought….Phew!

The bit we found the hardest was the top section, we think it’s because it gets smaller/thinner at the top which made it that bit more tricky to put together. We got there in the end and here is our finished Eiffel tower that stands a whopping 47 cm – 18.5 inches tall.

The tower stands on a plastic base which comes with the puzzle, this has colour changing LED lights on it which automatically changes leaving the puzzle to look rather effective.

 Ta DA ! here is our finished Eiffel Tower.

All we have to say is WOW! we love it.

Do you enjoy doing puzzles?

Disclaimer: we was sent the Eiffel Tower 3D puzzle for the purpose of the review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.


  1. What a brilliant puzzle. Sound heaps better to me than the real thing, but I am scared of heights.

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