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We spent some time over the half term holiday playing on our Wii console, we love our time together on there as we have so much family fun and love getting competitive against each other. One game we really enjoy playing is the carnival game on there, the boy’s really enjoy it and can get rather competitive when they want to.

We decided that we could easily make our own homemade carnival game so Bradley wrote a list of what he thinks we would need to make the game and let the carnival come to us.

His list to make the tin can carnival game consisted of:

Tin cans – as many as you wish to use.

Stickers – of any kind.

Paint and a small brush any colour.


Some small balls – as many as you wish to use.

Coloured card.


Coloured pens.

Double sided sticky tape.

tin can carnival game

tin can carnival game
Bradley wrapping the balls in foil to give them some extra weight so they go further.

We started off by saving tin cans, washing them and putting them to one side until we had enough to use.

The tin cans was then painted and left to dry.

We then cut out some stars out of the card, one for each tin, added a score value of the kids choice to each star and stuck the star to the can using double-sided sticky tape.

Bradley then decorated his tin cans using his stickers.

He then wrapped the polystyrene balls in foil as he decided the balls would be easier to throw and would go further.

tin can carnival game

tin can carnival game

We was now ready for some fun playing our homemade tin can carnival game.

The excitement and challenge then began, we had 12 balls so these was then slipt between the players, the cans was then stacked in whatever position the kid’s chose/found easier.

Aim of the game

The aim of the game is to throw the balls into the tin cans, person with the highest score wins.

We chose to have three rounds, so the one with the highest score after the third round is the winner.

For anyone who enjoys carnival games we would highly recommend the carnival fun fair game. here is a link to Nintendo carnival fun fair game. We have hours of fun as a family playing this game, it has over 25 different games to enjoy.

Disclaimer: We have not been compensated in any way for this post. I have shared a link to Nintendo as it is a game we enjoy as family and we wanted to share the game with you.


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