A letter to my past self

Dear my past self

I am writing a letter to my past self to say we have said and done so many things that we are not proud of, we have been through so much, good times and bad. We’ve been through happy times and sad times but we have got through them and we survived!

We had to grow up faster than planned and life through us some horrible curve balls but hey that’s life I guess. Our emotions was played with horribly as a child and no kid should have to deal with them of that age. Only we could understand these feelings but that has made us grow into the stronger person we are today.

Along our journey to where we are now we have made bad mistakes and bad decisions but we have learnt from them. We have learned, we have grown but most of all we have changed. All of these changes have come from our past, it is our past that has helped us become who we are today. Instead of trying to block our past out we should remember it and let it help us grow, yes horrible things have happened in the past that we so desperately want to forget and find extremely hard to deal with and accept but we survived.

All I can say now is we are extremely happy, we have the most amazing husband in the world who loves us dearly and three amazing boys all of which we love so much.

Now is the time to move on from our past emotions so that we can live a happy future.

So what have we learnt from our past.

To appreciate those in our life who want to be in it.

To try not to force relationships that are just not there.

To be more stronger minded.

To not be used all the time.

To not take any nonsense.

When to just walk away.

When heart-strings are being pulled.

When we are being used.

How to put our little family first.

To stop trying to change things.

We now know we are worth so much more.

Most of all we have learnt how to say no, enough is enough.

We have such a happy future to look forward to and we are now taking control of our life. Plans are now being made to buy a house, wow who would have thought it a! We have been so unhappy with our weight but we are now well on our way to target, a birthday gift to ourself 5 st lighter. Hopefully our arm will recover following our car accident and our plans can continue with setting up our message business. Our kid’s make us even more prouder every single day and they put a smile on our face every day guaranteed.

So with all this to look forward to and more now is the time to move on, hold our head high and be proud of who we have become.


 Words from the heart

  With love

Your present self


A letter to my past self


  1. This is a really beautiful letter to your past self – a lot of these things I can definitely relate to myself also. Good luck with the house buying and the weight loss! x

  2. What a great topic idea! I love thinking about my childhood and how much I have learned over the years. It sounds like you have learned a lot! Thank you for sharing your letter!

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