Easter holidays

Oh no! The Easter holidays are over and that means “back to school we go” boo!

We had an awesome time off school and had some great fun whilst we was off, even the sun was shining and we had a lovely sunny school holiday.

We had a sleepover at our friends house.

We went swimming.

Had an awesome time driving a boat, we was even better drivers than mum as we managed to stay in a straight line.

Lee went to Thorpe park with his mates.

We had loads of outdoor fun and made the most of the sun.

We saw Mall cop 2 At the cinema.

And guess what? I got my black belt.

Easter holidays

I love the school holidays as we can stay out longer, stay up later and best of all we can stay in bed longer, I love my sleep.

Oh yeah, I got a horrible sunburn, I forgot to put my sun lotion on and I got burnt. OUCH, I will not forget that again!

So now we are back to setting that noisy alarm that does like to wake us up at silly o clock in the morning. We will also be back to doing boring homework as well, but we are looking forward to seeing our school mates again, that will be cool and we really enjoy PE and after school activities so I guess it isn’t all bad.

So for now it is goodbye school holidays we will see you again soon! our school shoes are now polished, our homework is up to date and our packed lunch is at the ready.

More fun to be had very soon.



***Disclaimer: we have not been compensated in any way to write this post***


  1. Aawn, yes it sucks that the holidays end and we have to go back to our responsabilities. But hey it seems like you enjoyed it a lot! 😀


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