Our highlights of March

Wow where did March go! well it has gone now anyway and we have some brilliant highlights for you. Our highlights of March entail’s a fab weight-loss update, DIY disasters and much more! (Note to myself, label the plugs).

Our month started with myself trying my best at DIY (putting a TV cabinet together) and yes you got it……disaster happened. What on earth was I thinking, oh well I tried my best. The end result was a nightmare, I blew up our TV box and wiped out the internet for the night……Let me explain how, I plugged the wrong power leads into each other I got the TV box and internet cable muddled up, easy mistake right or is this just something I’d do? end result is I am now banned from ANY DIY!

We had a horrid week this month where everything decided to break on us, our tumble dryer stopped working, my steam mop broke and my laptop has had to go to the menders, it has been in there for two and a half weeks now so hopefully I will get it back very soon, fingers crossed it can be fixed. Until my laptop is fixed or replaced I am sharing Lee’s laptop. They say things happen in three’s.

Our highlights of MarchWe enjoyed a fab trip to the Warner Bros in Watford to visit where Harry Potter was filmed, we had a lovely drinks reception and then went on tour, review to follow.

We have been busy meal planning to make life easier on ourselves, we also treated ourselves to a soup maker this is so quick and easy to use we love it!

Buddy enjoyed a pamper session with our groomer, he had a much-needed bath and hair cut, he is now looking and smelling much better.

I enjoyed a lovely mothers day treat, I was treated to breakfast in bed followed by a lovely day of rest. We had a lovely movie day with lots of naughty treats. A nice day of quality time as a family was enjoyed by all, that was the best gift of all.

Our highlights of March

Bradley had grading at his boxing class, he was going for his black belt, we are now sitting patiently waiting for the results which he should have in a few weeks. Good luck Brad you done excellent and have trained really hard to get this far, keep up the hard work!

Our highlights of March

I even managed to sneak in a girls night out, for me it was all a last-minute rush as I was meant to have been working that night and there was a change of plan at last minute but it was a fantastic night, there was champagne, wine, 3 course meal a drag queen and naked butlers…yes you read that right, naked butlers (Sorry no pics), then a disco. What was not to enjoy about all of that! (this was a ladies night at our local country club).

I was rather shocked at slimming world group last week, I only went and got my two and a half stone award, I am now half way to target, I have set myself a challenge to loose 5 stone by August. I started my weigh-loss journey back in October last year. I am amazed at how well I am doing as I never had thought in a million years I would have got this far let alone this quickly, one thing is for sure the weight is definitely staying off.

Our highlights of March


Have you had a good month?

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  1. Wow sounds like a busy month! I’m visiting the Warner Bros studio in May, it will be my 3rd time and I’m so excited! I love HP :D. Congrats on your weight loss too! 😀 xx

  2. I have the same problem as you – days, weeks and months just disappear.

    Great job with the weight loss! I need to lose about a stone before the summer, and you just reminded me that I need to get my act together. Thanks. 🙂

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