May Madness

May for us has been a little up in the air, it involves a hospital stay, exams, a casting, a viewing of a new home, a promotion and more. Here is our May madness!

May for us got off to a really early start, the month started off with a 5am train into London where I was due to have an operation, this was then followed by a hospital stay until I was strong enough to return home.

Lee had a busy few days, he had exams at school and this caused Lee a great deal of worry and stress. He feels like he done well so fingers crossed. We always say to the boys as long as they try their best that is all that counts.

I was feeling a little down following my operation so a girls night in was called for. We had wine, chinese, chocolate, music, and a little pamper, there was lots of laughter, just what was needed.

The sun was shining one Sunday afternoon so we enjoyed a lovely afternoon around a lovely park. We took a little drive out and found this amazing park, we plan to go back with our bikes and have a cycle round but need to invest in a bike rack for the car.


Ian received some fantastic news at work, he has been promoted to a deputy team leader.

Bradley joined the school rounders club which he has been thoroughly enjoying.

We have been busy converting our conservatory into a games room/gym, we are slowly adding to this to build a nice busy room. We love our conservatory this is where we spend most of our time.

Bradley got called in for a casting day in regards to his modelling, channel four was also there filming so we may also be on TV. I think I was more nervous than he was. I learned a big lesson from that day, that’s lesson was to never wear heels when Brad goes for casting as there is a lot of standing around……….OUCH!


Ian and the boys had a lovely day fishing whilst I was at work during the school half-term week, Bradley was very lucky and caught quite a few fish. The kid’s are having a few lessons before our holiday as we are soon going on a fishing holiday, staying in a lovely log cabin in a tranquil woodland holiday park.




Ian is currently one of the two finalist at slimming world for man of the year, we find out at our next weigh-in who the winner is.

I have been venturing out further on my bike, I have been using my bike more lately to get to and from work, I completed a 7 mile ride the other evening after a day at work, I cycled to my last client……..I certainly slept well that night!


Danny went to view a flat, he liked it and has been busy packing and preparing to move. Luckily it is not too far away.

How was your month?


Disclaimer: I have not been compensated in any way to write this post.


  1. Wow, that seems an eventful month. 🙂 My May was a little bit stressful at the beginning (university exams) but then it got much better as I finished my first year at the university and could go on holidays. 🙂

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