To the Dominos delivery driver

This is a letter to the Dominos delivery driver who caused my son to come off his bike.

Yes you, how blooming dare you, how dare you cause my son to come flying off his bike and then drive off. You blooming drove off leaving a 13-year-old boy laying in the road shaken, scared and injured. There was a witness who saw it happen, luckily enough she was a nice enough lady to have stopped and see if he was ok, she done what YOU should have.

How blooming dare you do that, you saw my son in the road yet you still kept on going, driving towards him causing the accident, what kind of person does that?


Why did you not stop?

Why did you not check he was ok?

Why leave him lying in the road?

Why not call for an ambulance?

Why did you still carry on going when my son was in the road?

Why did you not report you had caused a road accident……..Because you did?

Why, why not do the right thing?

What makes me even more angry is when I phoned your branch to report this to your so-called manager she didn’t even ask for any personal details, she never asked where or what time it happened, she never asked if I’d like to make a formal complaint or anything. The manager just said to me “I will speak to the drivers and make them aware that it is not on”………Excuse me but WHAT! should you not already know? she then went on to have the cheek to say to me “what more do you want me to do” HELLO women your job would be nice, take details, ask if my son is ok, offer me a number or email address to make a formal complaint surely these are the basics to good management and show that Dominos actually do care about the pubilc and customers.

Dominos do you actually care? do you have procedures in place for complaints? if so why was this not put into practice yesterday? yes I am going to escalate this matter.

My son by the way ended up paying a visit to the hospital, as a result of your poor driving my poor son now has damage to his Trapezius muscle, pains in his arm, leg and lower back. He is also suffering from shock and being sick along with bad headaches so hope your feeling very proud of yourself.


My son was shaken up, scared and left, sorry but this is disgusting. We phone in to report it and get no help. This matter has now been reported to the police who are now dealing with it.

Yours sincerely 

A very angry mum




  1. I hope the delivery driver gets what’s coming to him, Hope the police arrest him and he loses his job. Maybe in future he will realise he could of done something more worse to him, hope he’s ok Hun x

  2. you should report it to HQ of Domino’s if this….. bbb..manager doesnt give a ….. because there are no other words to describe this…..

    I hope your son gets well quickly, take care xxx

  3. Oh hun that’s horrendous and what human being would leave a child in the road like that!I’m not surprised you’re angry and upset!Poor boy,hope he’s bearing up x

  4. I totally agree Bernadette. I have contacted the head office and made my feelings very clear about the two members off staff in question, it’s shocking to think that one of them is a manager.

  5. I know Naomi it make us feel physically sick, it’s disgusting behaviour. We have reported it to the head office and made our feelings very clear about the two members of staff in question, it’s awful to think that one of them is a so called manager. Police are looking at cctv hopefully the driver can be caught that way…..Fingers crossed.

  6. I’ve just seen you have contacted head office and complained about them two idiots. I hope that they do manage to track the driver and most importantly I hope your son does not let it scare him from riding his bike and that he makes a speedy and full recovery both mentally and physically xx

  7. Oh my gosh this is awful! Your poor son. Domino’s have responded terribly to this incident, you could have taken this to your local press and made all kinds of threats. This driver should be given some form of punishment, being taken off the roads for a certain amount of time or given a formal warning or something, I don’t know but he shouldn’t be told ‘this is not on’ and that’s it. Things like this shouldn’t be taken lightly. I hope your son makes a speedy recovery and feels better soon. Lots of hugs!

  8. What an awful incident, what is wrong with people, I always found Dominos to be useless and boycotted them years ago due to their poor standards and rudeness. I hope your son makes a full recovery very soon and you get an answer from head office.

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