Coping with the heat

Don’t get me wrong I love the nice hot sunny days and glad they are here, well we all love and enjoy the sunshine don’t we? But how well are you coping with the heat side of the weather? I for one hate the heat side of it for many reasons the main being it get’s too uncomfortable.

Coping with the heat is the one thing I hate about summer, I love and welcome the summer but HATE the heat. the lovely weather never lasts long so we have to make the most of it whilst it’s here, let’s face it hot sunny weather in Britain is a rarity and never lasts long does it.

So the question is “are you coping with the heat ?”  Here are some ideas that may help you during the heatwave.

  • Always make sure you are drinking plenty of water so you stay well hydrated and always have a drink to hand.
  • Stay in shady areas to keep out of direct sun.
  • Wear a sun hat and sunglasses to protect your eyes.
  • No one likes cooking in the heat but always make sure you have eaten even if it’s something light. Salads and fruit is a good choice, light and refreshing.
  • Try and keep your rooms nice and cool, you can simply do this by closing your curtains/blinds, use a fan as well if you have one, ours are a godsend.
  • Always remember to check on the vulnerable, whether it be a neighbour, relative or friend, they also need keeping cool. Check that they have access to enough fluids and food.
  • So my kid’s water stays cold for longer when at school they put bottled water in the freezer at home over night so it defrosts throughout the day and stays cooler for longer, they then top the bottle back up at school with more water if needed.
  • Wearing lightweight clothing also helps. I find cotton clothing helps to keep me cool on a hot day.
  • Ouch! How painful can a sunburn be, never forget your sun protection. I always remind my kid’s but ALWAYS forget my own.
  • Have fans to hand for when your feeling hot. The shops have some handy little hand-held ones, I love mine and always have in my bag for when I’m feeling a little hot.
  • One thing I always enjoy doing is putting my feet in a bucket of cold water and a nice damp towel round my neck, have you ever tried it ? Oh my if you haven’t then next time your feeling hot give it a try.
  • I also leave any unnecessary jobs until it’s cooler and save any energy for keeping myself cool.
  • This may sound stupid but it’s a true story, have you checked your heating is switched off? I went into a vulnerable person to check on them and their heating was still set to come on and it was roasting in their house. It’s so easily done, we all forget things. (check your timer).

Do you know the signs of heat exhaustion and heatstroke?


  1. I really love it!! The hotter the better for me. But I like hot and sunny NOT hot and rainy like we have in Wales. If it’s going to be hot then I need my full vitamin D lol. Some great tips and here’s one for you…when sleeping, make sure you keep one foot out of the covers. It’ll bring your body temp right down and help you sleep better. X

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