Our dream bathroom

If you could choose to re-vamp any room in your house what room would it be? We chose our bathroom, well it was about five years ago now, we wanted to create our dream bathroom but ended up making some huge mistakes along the way that we now live to regret massively.

It wasn’t a small job, in fact it involved knocking a wall down and making our bathroom bigger so we could create the bathroom we wanted. Our bathroom went from a small room with a bath and little cupboard space to a much bigger room with walk in shower with much more cupboard space.

Creating our dream bathroom was not easy and we made lots of mistakes creating this room. We chose black porcelain tiles for the floor, this is one of our top regrets. The flooring is horrible to keep clean and buffed, don’t get me wrong it looks lovely when buffed but it’s just not a practical tile to have in a family bathroom that’s highly used and totally the wrong Colour (for our house anyway).

Another huge regret we have is getting rid of our bath, we all love a shower but we also enjoy a nice soak in the bath too, that luxury unfortunately has well and truly gone now.

our dream bathroom

The changes we would love to make in our bathroom would be to create more storage space, the vanity units at Bella Bathrooms look very stylish and more practical.


We have three favourites, what one would you pick?


our dream bathroom


We would definitely LOVE to change our flooring to something more practical and also put a nice bath back in place with an overhead shower so we can have the choice to shower or bath after a long day.

When creating our dream bathroom the first time round I think we went into creating it rather hastily and didn’t think it through fully and give it the time and careful planning we perhaps should have. We have learned from our mistakes and this time we will not get carried away in the excitement of it all and take the time to think about what we are truly needing and what is more practical for our family bathroom.

What would be the one room you’d love to give a re-vamp?


* This is a collaborative post*


  1. I wish we had our own house that we owned. It would be nice to be able to decorate and remodel when we wanted. I love those sinks too!! I would choose number 3 because off all the storage space!

  2. Love your bathroom, I’m dreaming of a bathroom with a bathtub..hehehehe..but our house is not that big. But this one is so cool. Perfect for our house.

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