Positive Changes In Confidence

Hey guys, Brad here.

I’d like to update you on how I’m getting on. I have been busy lately attending a performing arts college, I go every Saturday and I’m really enjoying it. Since joining mum and dad say they have noticed a change in my confidence, they seem to think I was holding back in my acting due to my friends laughing at my career choice. I really enjoy drama class at school and my dream is to be on TV, my friends are not into acting and don’t like drama class, yes they did laugh at me and my teacher even said at parents evening that she had noticed me holding back in class whenever my friends was about so I guess my mum, dad and teacher are right and I was holding back and I didn’t even realise.

I have recently chose my options at school and drama class was one of them….My parents and drama teacher was pleased! The other subjects was P.E – Geography & Music.

I have not let my friends put me off doing what I enjoy doing, mum and dad explained to me it has to be my choice what I choose to do with my career options, they said “it has to be something I’d enjoy doing and the choice has to be mine and no one elses”.

When performing/acting I am relaxed and I enjoy getting into character, I know not everyone enjoys what I enjoy but it is what I love doing so will continue to do so.

By not letting my friends laugh me away from what I enjoy, my perseverance is now paying off….Guess what? I am going to be performing at theatre, i’m booked up to perform in two musicals.

I am so excited, my first theatre performance is going to be at Wyllyotts Theatre in a musical called Remember The 1980s.

My second performance will be in the West End in July at Her Majesty’s Theatre in London to over 1,200 people. This will be awesome, as soon as I have finished performances of Remember The 1980s I will then start rehearsals for the West End show.

I am very excited and can’t wait to perform in these performances to my family and the rests of the audience.

I will keep you updated on how my Remember the 1980s performance goes in November.



  1. That’s awesome, well done 🙂 Definitely do what you like, especially if it brings you more confidence and you feel at ease. x

  2. Hi Bradley, you only get one life and you must live it the best way you know how. It’s not always easy doing something you love, when it makes you stand out from your friends and classmates and it sometimes takes courage to follow your dreams. It sounds as if you are lucky enough to have a supportive family and teacher, so reach for the stars!

    I wish you well in your performance in Remember The 80’s and in the West End next July.


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