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Monster Munches

monster munches

Monster Munches

Brad has been busy making up some spooky Halloween treats. He really enjoys being creative in the kitchen with his food. He has some mates staying over at Halloween and Brad has been planning his spooky monster munches menu. Here is what he has come up with so far.

Brad would like to introduce you to:

monster munches

A blood sucking sugar monster

(A sugar doughnut with vampire teeth and red icing along with resins for eyes)

monster munches

Ghost heads

(Strawberries dipped in yoghurt decorated with icing)

monster munches

Hungry brain eating monsters

(Calved faces into cooked peppers with cooked dried pasta noodles)

monster munches

The cheesy mummy monster

(x 2 Wraps, one covered in cheese with the other used as bandages along with pepper ears, resin eyes and tomato nose)

Then put under the grill.

monster munches

Spider snack

(Brownie square, dried fruit eyes and pretzels for legs)

Brads planning on having a little Halloween party so he’s been putting together a party plate.

monster munches

What do you think?

He is now planning he’s costume and fun spooky games to play. One thing he does enjoy doing is spooky pranks on us, last year even Buddy hid from his pranks.

What are your favourite Halloween games?


  • mariesbeauties


    Wow love the pics Brad, gonna have to try this out! 🙂

  • Erin Ek Rush


    You’ve been busy! Looks like some great Halloween fun – I love the look of the brownie spiders!

  • Anonymous


    look really good. Think I will steal some of those ideas xxx

  • Becster


    Awesome! Especially love the peppers!

  • hodgepodgedays


    Crikey! These are spooky eats – those peppers in particular are gross (in a good way). Good work Brad! Thanks for linking up to #HelloHalloween

  • beautybrite


    How do you find such cute Halloween ideas? I wish I had the time and patience to make cool stuff like this!

  • Kaycee @ My Crafty Zoo


    Oh my goodness. The brain eating monsters one may have been too much. I gagged a little. LOL



    Oh wow! These are fantastic! I would love to try some of these treats out.

  • misspond


    These are all amazing ideas, but those peppers are by far the best (and scariest!) #HelloHalloween

  • vicky


    I love all these, I think Brad loves being in the kitchen!

  • Ashabutterflys


    They look like some yummy treats.

  • Aimee


    Those snacks are so fun & creative! I think my kids would love to try these. 🙂

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