Our next big camping adventure

We recently experienced our first family camping trip in the New Forest, and we all absolutely loved it! We are now very much camping converts and can’t wait to get out there under the canvas again, we already have our next big camping adventure planned.

As well as being a great way to enjoy the great out doors, camping is also an affordable holiday that doesn’t compromise on fun. The real beauty of camping is that you can go absolutely anywhere, and you aren’t constrained to one place – all you need is a tent, your bags, and a sense of adventure, and you’re ready to go!

Now that we’re camping pros (obviously!), we’re thinking of undertaking a much more adventurous trip…a summer camping trip to Europe!

Here are some things to consider whilst planning your camping trip abroad…

Where do you want to go?

First thing’s first, you need to decide where you’re going and how long for. You can then start exploring the array of campsites available in your chosen area. In much of Europe, there are plenty of campsites to choose from and most of them have excellent facilities including swimming pools, children’s clubs, and bars and restaurants.

Once you’ve decided on the general area you want to camp in, and have researched the campsites available, you can then decide whether you want to stay in one place, or split your time between a couple of different sites.


Sure, camping is a relatively cheap holiday. But, when you’re camping abroad, you still need to take into account the cost of travel, campsites, food, and entertainment.

So sit down and draw up a carefully considered budget taking into account everything you think you might need (and then add a little extra on for emergencies).  Then calculate how much you need to save each month prior to going in order to ensure that you have enough.

Some people prefer to pay for advanced costs such as flights and accommodation on a credit card, and then pay them back monthly. If you’re considering doing this, I’d highly recommend running a free credit report from Experian CreditExpert to ensure that you qualify.


Have you got all of the equipment you need? Is your equipment appropriate for the weather and the temperature in the country you’re travelling to? Of course, there should be places to buy anything you’ve forgotten once you reach your destination, but it’s easier and often cheaper to buy before you go.


As with any international holiday, make sure that you have the necessary insurance so that you will be fully covered in the event of the unexpected. If you’re going to Europe, you’ll also need a European Health Insurance Card – it’s free and will ensure that you can access free emergency health care should you need it.

Rules and Regulations

Different campsites have different rules and regulations, so it’s important that you familiarise yourself with them and make sure that you comply. If you’re planning on taking your dog for example, are they allowed on the campsite? Does your tent need to be beneath a certain size? Are there any regulations in terms of pitching your tent?

Excitement and Adventure

Now you’ve got all of the essentials sorted, it’s time for the fun bit – planning what you’re going to do and see whilst you’re there! Research the area and find places you want to visit and things you want to do…remember, you’re relatively free when you’re camping so it’s easy to take a short trip a little further a-field if something really catches your eye!

our next big adventure

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